I need help with woodshop plans

I know that I probably will not be able to pull it off, but I need plans for woodworking class. I wanted to build a balsa wood 50’s-60’s style board, but I couldn’t find any good plans. Most of them cost money, and my teacher wont let me do anything without plans. I don’t care If I only get plans for modern boards, but they need to be good for cruddy waves, because I live in New Jersey right near Philly. I usually go to Wild Wood to surf, if any of you know the conditions there. Also, if anyone has any tips at all, I’d be really grateful, because I really want to learn how to build a board. The most important thing, though is that the plans are cheap, 'cause I have a limited budget.

I’ve been a shop teacher and a contractor for the past 25 years and I can understand the reasons why your teacher wants plans. If you try the links on this site and go to anthonys boardbuilding you will find sites that will help you. You can try solidbalsa.Opi.com and superiorbalsa.com I also live in NJ and I do believe that you will not have an easy time finding balsa. The cost is another hurdel to contend with. Let us know how you made out, and if you know of a local dealer of balsa let me know. Don’ get discouraged! Good luck.

thanks a lot, I’ll tell you if it works out

in the library or at the old book store glomb a copy of O.B. Pattersons “Surfriding its Thrills and Techniques” page 33 for the basic malibu and pages46& 47 for the hollow type surfboard these will allow you to relive the golden age of wood shop project surfboards although the surfboard builders listed on pg.48 are not necessarily availiable any others in your area will be Jazzed to hear you are making these old styled simplified designs and may drop what they are doing just to bathe in the glow ,so to speak, an help out on such a cool project. Photo plate #25 and #13 delight me til today all I have to do is think of the library at luther burbank j.h.s. 1963 oh yea thepublisher is Charles E. Tuttle Company Rutland, Vermont & Tokyo, Japan.at your service Ambrose Curry …if you cant find em lemme Know maybe I can copy an mail ya something plan wise

I am having an impossible time finding anything. I can’t find anything in the archives of the site, and I can’t find the surfriding book. I need help! If I can just get some plans and/or instructions on building a balsa board, that’s all I’ll need here. If anyone can give me this info, e-mail me at

Hey, if you can, get a hold of the Tom Blake Biography. It has a couple sets of plans for the old Hollow wood boards Perhaps you could get someone to photocopy them for you. http://www.tomblakebiography.com/ -Carl