I saw Shipman's fish 4sale today?

Light blue deck with black and red marble swirls on rails and bottom. Moonlight glassing was the culprit.

Beautiful board!

I’ve seen it out here at The Point a few times.

So fess up, which of you nutcases is selling it and why???

I keep telling Shipman that he’s world famous !

SrPato, I remember that board well and I am sure stingray does to. that boards as most of my shapes was a custom order and glassed at Moonlight. This board has a bother and twin sisters. Stingray glassed the twin sisters wood keel twins and a blue older brother still sits on my racks @ 1 year waiting to be glassed.

were did you see this board for sale?


Hi Ben,

Yep, that’s it! It really is a beautiful board.

It’s in the used board rack at Ventura Surf Shop.

I imagine it’s not gonna be there very long.

Dear Ben ,

Email u twice bout quotation price for ur board . Haven’t hear from u yet . Pls kindly reply pls …

Regards , A .

AnDi, Sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner. Some of your question I didn’t understand plus I do not ship to Malaysia. The shaping question you asked can easily be found in the search archives here on Swaylocks.

Good luck


Hi Ben ,

I have frens in CALI , just ship it to him will do . Need to know ur price for 5’6" twin fin , 5’6" quard n 6’1" 5 fins bonzer .

Regards …

AnDi,I hope I don’t sound like I am putting off. The truth is that I am not taking any new order right now. There are other great shapers here on Swaylocks that would love to build what you want.

good luck.