I See..................................

That personal attacks by people that don’t know a f#$kin’ thing about me or surfboards are still allowed to make there little pricks HERE ON THIS SITE.

This is part of life I guess,these so-called trolls are cowards and bullies in life… And, this is one of the few ways they can strike out at people.

I can understand being scared,…but a bully ,…I don’t have any room for them,and I eliminate them from me or my families life quickly,quietly,leave the rest for the you to decide.

I got some real decisions to make…here… so thank you to all that have contributed here and learned a few things,

I did. bye.

Herb, I’m sure you already know this, but just to reiterate: When someone looks like he’s moving ahead, or has an opportunity, or is becoming successful, or is trying something new…there will always be naysayers and jealous people trying to drag them down and hold them back. Ignore them. Besides, you have lots of supporters on Swaylocks who would love to see you become a great success.

My experience has been that it’s best to listen to positive thinking, encouraging people. They’re like fuel on a fire. Naysayers are like a wet blanket trying to put the fire out. My unsolicited advice is to just keep on moving ahead, hang on to your dream like a bulldog, and enjoy the ride. Doug


I echo your sentiments exactly. I have seen so many people that were trying to quit smoking snubbed by their smoker friends, etc. My grandmother used to say: “People are like elevators, they can bring you up or down.” The nice thing is you get to choose which elevators you get onto…


people who have given up on their own dreams love to keep others from

pursuing their own… i think it is because it makes them feel justified in

their decision to fail…

i have a lot of experience with this. the job that i am pursuing is a difficult

one to achieve. people are all the time telling me that i’ll never make it.

and that i should quit now… i just shine 'em… smile and nod… i second

(or third) the previous responses…

be positive, listen to positivity, and promote positive attitude

Seriously Herb, you could get a cash cow deal and have to give up knuckleheads like us. Seems like a lopsided decision. Cash is good to have.

Seems to me you’ve been getting some smart advice about protecting your intellectual properties and freedom of expression. Give all that you best shot but knuckleheads like me, here on a bulleting board, we come and go. I’m sure your true surf friends will still be there for you to talk on the phone and in person.

Man! If you can work it out so your happy with it, good on ya. Best wishes.

Howzit Herb, Must have missed something since I can’t believe any sways guys would ever take a cheap shot at you. Like you said they don’t know you or your boards. When I hear that some one has said something derogatory about me I just say who gives a s#*t about what they have to say, certainally not me. Walk you own path and blow off anyone who gets in your way. Aloha,Kokua

diaper filler for free, 3M 5200, the list goes on. I’ve gotten much from you in the archives as well as the chance to meet you last year in Big Sur. Thank you.

Good luck and create a new handle ok; poolrider or signalhillracer or something. More than one way to skin a cat!

yep herb, thanks for the advice, the good posts. Hope life looks after you and God guides you. May a good wind fill your sails and may you keep the memories of the good times spent with people here. Show up at Keith during the SD get togethers . . .

Sways has changed after the black monday . . . its become more and more like a internet forum than a community but lots of good people here still.

Don’t let the negatrons bring ya down.