I suck. Sewing fibre to prevent fray?

I just wondered if anyone’s tried it, and whether it interfered with the layup at all?

What do you want to achieve?

a stress free, easy lam; less waste and no need to gum up scissors

Do cut laps and if it frays it won’t matter. Have scissors ready while lamming to cut the hangers.

I know it’s easy when you’ve practiced a lot. I’ve almost had enough practice for that. Every time I get a bit better at cut laps. I see what you’re saying.
However, I don’t make enough boards to get to that stage. I always end up with epoxy all over my feet, on the floor, on the wall, scissors destroyed etc.
And then there’s the sanding afterwards from any mistakes.

It’s such a messy process compared to resin infusion and a vacumm pump

Speaking of which, I didn’t think I could use a pump… but I’ve just realised that I have a big electric battery pack that might be able to power a pump for long enough… a lab pump might be low voltage enough; especially if I can find a USB one