I woder too...two...

gosh I read it down a ways and said

softly to me self,gee aint we readed this here

preachincg to the choir blasphemous drivel

in a former loife?

heck it was passed to me first printed in entirety

by dr.clark liddle of the institute for further study

of the laipo road campus in mecca north west of the

somali pirate camp.

well I muse admittedly on this additional thread post

because I got shut off twice of safari logged in 4 times

and then the Manny fest ohhhhh

thread dint lemme get to shark coountry’s

post anymore…

I read the whole thing I cruised everybody’s pro and contributions

and desparately wanted in to make my commentarian psuedopsychological

trans eclectic historic rewrite critique of the today’s thought query from

straight talkin cousin hugh…

now that I’m here in the now I want to

sign on the side of all the clarks

all the foams,all the great wry tears

who opinionate them selves to garner favor

from readership alternatives and change/morph to rationalize

personal evolution to the plastic industrial revolution.

I would also like to log gone to support

the short crisp lines

to allow the adaptation to musical phrasing

a quicker wreeding formatte for phonetisists

and those with learning ability / disabilities

further more I would loike to go on record

as a supporter of all the modulators

with and without long trousers and or boardroom shorts.

furthermore,the blank donated from clark via fooamease

delivered by H. Spitzer in 2003 is now in brisbane

and was glassed durably and perhaps will make its way

down the Huie way to mak the carve of the week phote spread.


I will argue with anybody any time

just to keep up my end of the conversation

but eventually agree with them

especially when they are wrong

so they can achieve enlightenment

on their own without me force

feeding them my regurgitated

grubs and worms ,a good bird

parent shares…

wodering is almost as good as wondering

when you wanna bee a gud wroiter period

dot dot dot?

round rails riding
long mushy wall

toes like fingers
tightly a surfboard…


or as Peter Sellers once said:

“Birdy Num Num?”

Ah Brother Ambrose M. Curry III…

How it warms my heart to have been blessed with the opportunity to know you (not in the biblical sense) in the flesh…

I wonder how many would be surprised just how straight up you are… Ha!

Good to “see” you here, too…

Peace to all of us…

I think Ambrose is Ambrose’ alter ego. LOL


Hmm - could be… Or, it could be he just started writing that way, and hasn’t stopped… Reads like fun to me, and amc III seems to be quite a bit about fun…

Ah Ambrose…

I hope to one day have the opentunity

to sit and procrastinate,





and postsurfarate with you,

on your home turf

with your home surf

To sit in the shade with the guru

is an ultimate goal of any seeker.


To sit in the shade with the guru

is an ultimate goal of any seeker.

Todd - For me, life changing, and life affirming.

Mangoes and sea salt and foam dust and Plumeria…

(And maybe even Lunch meat… Ha! And then there’s the Topper)

One day Taylor…one day

Don’t forget - It’s not like the only reason to go to Kauai is to see ambrose, but it’s better than if he was in Palm Springs or something… Ha!