Ice-Nine blanks at Freeline

Ice-Nine blanks are now available at John Mel’s Freeline Shop in Capitola for you Swaylockians in the Monterey Bay area. John is stocking a basic selection of sizes, but if you’ve seen something in the catalog that isn’t on hand, They can call me and I can usually have it there the next day. Freeline also carries resin, glass, and other shaping supplies in case you’ve been feeling lost since Fiberglass Hawaii closed up.

G’morning Kip…good to hear you guys are picking up.

If you’ve been checking out my MPV thread you might be able to shed light on it or…have you any info on what Stu called “Impact Glass”? S’posedly 1/3 the wetout weight of E glass and improved tensile…let me know if you (or anyone else out there) has source info.


Ice NIne’s are gettin’ shaped this week in my brand new room…lots of 'em! Wheeeeee!

Haven’t heard of “impact glass.” I’ll ask Stu about it as well as ask around up here. If I find any info I’ll let you know.

Also interested in learning about impact glass – read a post by resinhead extolling it’s virtues, but haven’t been able to get more info from anyone. I emailed Justin at Graphite Masters, hopefully he’ll have some facts…

All I know is that S glass is almost twice the price of impact glass. Does that mean S glass is that much better, or just that much more in demand?

Good for John! I’m glad he saw the opportunity and stepped up to it. I’ll check it out th next time I am on the Mainland and in the town I love the most. Lowel

You may want to try Graphite Master for impact glass.

Deanbo…Their site has been under construction for quite awhile…I’m looking to get some carbon rod and thought they might be a source…maybe I’ll just call them. Thanks