Iceland trip ON

Well I finally quit pondering and booked my trip to Iceland for May 1. As of yet, I have not found any local surfers online and, not shockingly, nobody from home seems interested in making the trip :stuck_out_tongue:

So it looks like I’ll be solo for this one. I’ll bring back some pictures and stuff if I make it out alive, and if I die, sure been nice knowing yall and thanks for your help and advice over the years.

STOKED somewhere in Nebraska on my way to the west coast again,

Big Riggin’ Billy Big Gun Jack McCoy

Good luck, I’ll stick to the tropics. Its cold enough here on the central coast (CA), I wouldn’t want to be colder. I can’t wait to see the pictures though.

Crowd control, elewis, crowd control is all it really is …


cool have fun man ! the waves there look sick.(and empty) is it very cheap to travel around there?

go for it! this is one of the places my wife and i want to do , we’re both geologists. anyway, have fun and lots of photos please—i hear the party scene is unreal…waves and hot springs, good combo

Regrettably, Iceland is one of the most expensive destinations. Petrol costs over $2 USD/liter, a pint of beer supposedly runs near $10, and even a simple cup of coffee could set you back a 5 dollar bill.

Reckon I’ll be drinking a lot of water and will lose weight on this vacation, but that’s OK … I’m gonna make it happen


still waiting to hear back from homegirl.

stand by.

I’m thinking of shaping another board to bring over if I have time, not for my use but just to sell to a local if somebody needs a new stick. I understand there are no surf shops there.

Perhaps a basic funshape of some sort … or a mini longboard … something most people could be comfortable on most days …

But only if I have time after finishing my gun …

make sure to go to the Blue lagoon. It’s touristy but it’s a great place to relax and warmup after a long surf session.

Icelanders are for the most part, very nice people. The nightlife in Reykjavík

is insane…It is very pricey there, but it’s worth every penny.

Eat their hot dogs with all the toppings. They are for some reason the most amazing dogs you will ever eat…pretty popular there…

enjoy, be safe and take pics…


Crowd control, elewis, crowd control is all it really is …

geez man you don’t hafta go that far for crowd control…

i surf alone most of the time… unless of course you mean the crowds on land

in which case, i deal with some pretty hectic crowds everyday…

either way, Iceland looks awsome. i’m jealous. seems like very "end of the earth,

last man on the planet"…

have fun, take a camera and let us know… (not necessarily about the waves though…

it’s okay to keep hush hush…)

make sure to go to the Blue lagoon. It's touristy but it's a great place to relax and warmup after a long surf session.

yea don’t scoop up the sediment on the bottom of the lagoon, you are better off using the tubs of the cleaned sediment they have laying around.