Ideas for next board

Hello, this is my first post here, and I am seeking advice on my next longboard to get. I want a noserider in the 9’4" range 18.25 nose, 16 tail, 3 inches thick, but what I am curious about is rails in the nose and tail (foiled/ upturned?), the glass on fin placement, and concave…

Any input is appreciated


It just depends what you mean with “noserider”. Making a board that will noseride good once “set on the track” is easy to do (at least I think most will agree). Making a board that will be an excellent all-around longboard AND still noseride good is another story.

If you want a good noserider, put very few rocker in front and lots of it in the tail area. Moderately hard rails in front turning into 50/50 round rails in the middle and tail. Big “anchor-like” fin way back on the tail. Have fun.

Alright, Thank you I was thinking along those lines, and it’s good to hear a second opinion agreeing with me

Thanks again


You’re welcome; As for the concave, I could never make up my mind whether it’s a good thing or not. To be quite frank, when I put one in a board, it’s mainly so that the customer can re-sell his board easier, as a noserider SHOULD have one for most people…

Thanks for the honesty, I suppose concave won’t hurt…

SInce I personally don’t notice a discernable difference, it’s hard to say whether I want it/ how much is necessary, but with many people swearing by it, it’s hard to ignore the masses and leave it out.

How about the glassing schedule? For a noserider I prefer a heavy momentus volan glass job with a classic 3/4 patch. High performance say, single six on bottom and double six on top. Are you shaping this yourself or just looking for ideas for your next custom?

This is my next custom in the works, but I am going to be greatly involved with the shaper for this one (much more than usual), I was thinking 2 x 6 bottom and 2 x 6 top with 1 layer of volan (8 oz) and deck patch. I think that this should provide enough weight for a classic feeling log.

Thank you.I own,and have surfed, boards both with and without any concave whatsoever,that noseride fantastic,to paraphrase you,can’t make up my mind if it’a a ggod thing or not.

I prefer concave. I don’t like the hard edge around the perimeter, but a softened, blended concave that allows the water to flow smoothly from the concave to the bottom. It’s more like a wide funnel shaped channel, with the rails feeding water toward the stringer under the nose. This setup gives me some added lift/drag for staying in the pocket in small, weakish surf. When it gets good, I don’t go for the longboard, so my design is geared toward waist high and under. I don’t go for the hard rails up front. I like 'em thin and round to give me some penetration into the face. They gradually go fuller and rounder through the middle, then thin and foiled again in the tail. A little extra rocker keeps it loose, especially in the tail, with a little rolled vee to complement the soft rails. I don’t go too long in the fin, like most guys who ride the nose. 8.5 inshes is enough for me. I’m currently riding a Farberow Flex Fin, but I like the Cali Classic, too. Single 6 bottom, double 6 deck, with a full 4 oz deck patch. Triple stringer. Hotcoat and gloss coat adds some extra weight. Heavy cherry tail block provides a little cantilever weight and classic look.