Ideas for Profile Machine / Poor Mans Cad Shaper (video)

I’m wanting to make one of these copiers to mess around with molding some kite surfboards and since cad is way over my budget this is what I’ve come up with.

This video is from how its made:windsurfing boards They show the machine about a minute in>

My idea is to hand shape a board that I like then once its tried and tested to have my boat molding friend make me a mold so I can get the construction stong enough to handle the stresses of kiting and make some for friends.

1- Any advice or information on this process to make on of these would be a huge help and definently save me some headaches along the way. Cant figure out how it slides 3d so smoothly.

2- Once the molds built I would basically use this same meathod minus the super expensive carbon. Any other ideas on how to get the foam blank to match the mold besides trying to build one of these Profiler/copy machines?


Thanks to all who have contributed to this forum, so we can all share the stoke of having something well labored for underfoot!


Something like this works good to make Kiteboards

Never seen a CNC “Profiler” used of the type that is in the video.  I’m sure there are quite a few CNC manufactuers that could make one.  Generally a “Profiler” CNC’s the blank down to desired thickness and rocker.  A hotwired blank should be cut to rocker.  If you don’t want to use a stringer, you can cut and glueline.  That will maintain the rocker.  With a mold the rocker shouldn’t be a problem.  I wouldn’t necessarily consider the machine in the video a Profiler because it seems to do a bit more than a manual Profiler is capable of.  Probably cost about half what a CNC shaping machine costs.  Cheaper if you build it yourself.  You could do the same thing with a CNC’ed blank from a cutting house.  Use the mold etc,  Since you will be using a mold I can’t see why you would need a rocker table.  Shape a “Plug”.  Glass it and build your own mold.  Lowel

per tyler’s suggestion/post years ago

i have plans for a DIY system called the copycarver.

you can give that a try if you wish

needs lots of room 

makes a big mess’