Ideas for shaping bay lights.

I am just in the process of re doing the lights in my shaping bay its a double garage so one side the lights are fixed to the wall 16’ total ( 4 x 4ft tubes) but i now need to do the same in the center of the garage for the other side however as the garge is also in use i realy need the lights and shelf setup moveable. 

Seeing as there is so many garage set up here some one must have come up with something along these line? i cant seem to see anything in the shape shack thread. Any one have any ideas or pictures?


many thanks

Here’s what I did when I was still in “the garage”. It was a 3-car garage, and I made a bay on one side. Lights and shelf were no prob on permanent wall side, but opposite sude was a challenge. I hung large tarps from ceiling rafters to floor to help contain the dust, and built shelf/light fixture from 8"x1/2" pine boards. Then I used 3/4" PVC to hang light shelf from rafters. Connected lights to existing overhead receptacle. 

i like the idea of hanging the lights only problem is i have the garage door mecanism and whot not in the way so is a bit of a no go inless i dan think a way around that.


[img_assist|nid=1074548|title=Wall on Wheels|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=651|height=491]



















Check out my “wall on wheels”. Shelf, lights, dust protection. A couple of two-by-fours, plywood leg supports, small tarp, 8-foot lights fitted with three-prong cord. Shelf mounted to adjustable shelving brackets. I have a full room now, but this was a very cool setup when I had a temp-garage setup.

Plan B. bolt the light shelves to a 4x4 post mounted in standard 5-gal bucket with ReadiMix. 

I shape in my 12’x20’ shed with french doors that are on the 20ft side. I also use a hanging light on one side (8’ and 4’ put together total of 12’ light strips) but its on a pully system. I screwed the lights to a 2x4 that has a 1x8 board nailed to the top for the shelf. I used two pieces of small diameter rope each connected to the ends and travel to one side of the lights and tied them together so that I can pull the rope all together so it stays level. I needed a way to be able to accomadate a SUP and get the lights out of the way to get the boards out since the doors are on the 20’ side. I used to have a 12’ half wall on caster wheels but that got in the way when I was taking the SUP’s out. A pain in the butt. Now with the floating lights I’m able to lower them when shaping and then raise them up when done shaping and taking the boards out. I used one of those leash clips that you attach to dog leashes that have a spring closing mechanism connect to the ropes so I can clip it to a eye ring screwed into the wall. The other benefit to being able to raise them to the ceiling is that it gives more lighting coming down for sanding laminating and airbrushing. My lighting in my shed sucks so it gives alot of lighting with 12’ of tube lights. That way I was able to avoid relighting the shed. This system might help since they raise to the ceiling and the ropes go to one side. You could raise it when opening the garage door and lower it when needed. You’ll have to play with the rope to get it to raise high enough to clear the door though. Here’s a pick . It’s a crappy shot but its the only one I have right now. I’ll have to get a better one for you.

I only have a small shed that is multi-purpose so hanging my lights via pulleys was necessary. I hinged some legs for the light shelves so they drop to the right height each time and don’t swing. Whole thing packs away up to the roof rafters nicely when I’m not shaping.