Identify Composite Fabric

Not trying to steal anyone’s secret, I’m just a DIY hobbyist. Anyone know what type of composite fabric this is? I’ve seen it on some wakesurf and skim boards out there.

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Back in the '70s, there was a brand called “Colorflo” that produced colored fiberglass cloth.
Could be something like that?

I can’t tell for sure from your picture. It looks to me like it might be the pattern left behind from Peel Ply.

Very possible it’s vac bagged.

For some reason I thought it had a more “dimpled” look to it, but that I stare at it more I don’t see dimples.

Peel ply doesn’t mean its vacuum bagged. Peel ply is quite useful even when not using a vacuum.

Good point! - Curious, can you elaborate how that’s used or point me to a resource?

I think that is Biaxial glass. The weave runs in a 45 degree pattern not nose to tail. It is supposed to be stronger.

You can wet out your cloth, put peel ply over the wet cloth and then squeegee down the peel ply working out the excess resin. This does a good job of keeping things tight, smooth, flat and removing excess resin for a stronger finished product. Less sanding too.

That makes a lot of sense. I actually found from a product description that this builder DOES vac bag their boards. The builder seems to take a lot of pride in building very lightweight boards which is really cool. As such, I think he just creates them with a more “raw” finish without fill/gloss coats.

I like Mako’s peel-ply idea.
Or maybe you could try something like this at 6:30 in the video:

oh I like this! Definitely going to be watching and learning from this series.

I will be building myself one or two SUPs this winter

I’ve been doing hand layup with EPS/Epoxy for a while and I’m interested in learning vacuum bagging. Is it possible to do vacuum bagging with a peel ply and not have to hot coat? Would you then spray it with an automotive top coat instead? What are your favorite products to use for the peal ply? Thanks!