If money and time did not matter...

Ok, I will ask the question first and then tell you how the question came about.

If you could just wish boards into existance and ride them and change them and ride them and change them… forever… What would your quiver look like and what would it be made out of ?

It all started last night, I was in the shaping bay after a long day at the surfshop, I’m getting a c1972-74 3fin bonzer built and when I got to the shop, Fred (the shaper) had it all shaped except the fin placement and concaves which really makes a bonzer. We were joking about how when I take it to the surfshop when it was finished how everyone would be scratching there heads like they do at most of my boards. He did not want to set the concaves without me there to make sure we were on the same page. But what he had there I would have liked to put a single fin in it and take out for a surf right there and then. Then come back and add the concaves, then surf it agian. Then I would add the bonzer fins and try it agian and so on and so on.

After working at a retail surfshop for a few years I know the board that sells the best are not the boards that work the best. If you could just wish boards into existance and ride them and change them and ride them and change them… forever… What would your quiver look like and what would it be made out of ?

id like a 3 pound softtop

with multi fin setups

and a perspex window for looking at fish

with a little hatch for digital camera or chocy bar

paisley mccoy nugget with a starfin

a board with 9 fins

a one inch thick board that flaots like a 3 inch thick board

Didn’t Glen Minami work on something like this a few years ago? Some kind of foam that you could reshape further down the line and then bake or something like that.

Mats, lots of various mats. And a nice variety of “displacement hulls” in the 6-7 foot range w/ various bottom and rail configurations. And free transport to everywhere there are good point breaks

I would have a Nuhiwa nose rider(have)

7’2" lightning bolt.(have)

6’2" single fin

5’4" modern fish(almost done)

5’10" sunova

6’2" PuPe step up(have)

6’10" PuPe thruster

Money, time, and maybe wave quality as well??? I have to participate because I’m setting up a shaping schedule for ordering my next 5 blanks or so and have been thinking about this very same stuff. Prioritising desires so to speak… Plus, it’s more fun than ranking my all time favourite christmas songs while shopping at the Last-Minute-Thoughtless-Gifts-Warehouse…

11’ Skip Frye

9’6" Wegener Paulownia traditional style (have)

9’6" Modern/Traditional Noserider. Maybe Tyler Hatzikian/Jim Phillips custom?

9’6" Alex Knost/Robbie Kegal style longboard (I’m just so curious)

9’6" classic Nuuhiwa, or Bing/Jacobs/Phil Edwards style

(by this point you’re probably thinking I’ve watched Sprout one too many times)

9’ Sunova modern longboard.

7’ Alaia

7’ Hull

6’10" Campbell Bros Bonzer5, Pintail Semi-Gun

6’ Hesse Modern Quad Fin, Quintara model I think. (My version of a short board)

6’ Single Fin, Donovan/Machado styles…

5’9" Sunova Modern Shortboard

5’6-5’10 Modern Fish (I would love a day on a shoulder high fast point break with a Zippy/Van Straalen/Mandala/Pavel/Griffin to interchange and compare)

5’5" Traditional Marine Ply Fish Frye/Lis style.

Neumatic Surf Mat

Oh, and maybe the best Pu/Pe 6’3" squash tail thruster ever made, just to be accepted among my peers. (Anything other than 3 is still automatically labeled ‘retro’ by most where I live)

I share all this nonsense mostly on the odd chance someone gives me some more good ideas about shapes to aspire to…

With unlimited time/quiver/waves, there are no trends, just stoke I guess…

How about some clean swell and warm water to test what I already have…

Winter time blues, ah no grays…

Just be happy with what you already have.



I would second what soulnpower just said.

A bunch of my friends just came back from a trip to Costa Rica for a couple of weeks.

I got to sit here and watch this:

I got to save some pesos up!

Made of something environmentally responsible to the best extent, durable, tuneable weight and flex, ala Coil construction…

at least five 6-6.5’ ish stubbies in various bottoms from mild 'cave to flat to mild belly, various outlines, various finnage, my designs

at least one 6’ish semi-traditional twin keel fish with a bit of curve to the rearward half (I like Mike Daniel’s 5’10" a lot)

1 fish a touch narrower as a quad with ProBox

Some hulls with mild to medium hull, various possible fin configurations and sizes

Finless alaia/hull hybrid in wood, 7-8 ft

7’6" single fin funboard

8’0" various types (ref. 8 ft Theory thread)

10’ and 12’ Wegener Paulownia longboards

finless shorty of 6.5’ or so just for trimming and carving

mini-fin bidirectional in 5’10" or so for swooping and spinning

many of the above except the finless, the mini-fin, the 7’6 funboard, and the Wegener, would have S decks of varying degrees

several nearby right and left point waves of long-distance travel with medium size, minimal danger, and just enough people

(OR just a running selection of 5-6 from Six Ounce: http://www.sixounceboardstore.com.au/)

Isn’t that a great little boardshop. Too bad it wasn’t there when I lived there for a few years in the early 80’s. Then again I was a poor Uni student then so lucky it wasn’t.

Want to look at nice looking boards of that same ilk go to SouthCoast longboards website. Once you’re in the boards section click on stock list and see all the great looking boards they’ve done. I especially like the DT slider. Have a 6’4" with FCS side plugs and it rides as good as it looks.