if visiting Panama

anyone visiting panama who may not want to carry boards back home : i’m interested in 2nd-hand boards. any type. contact me prior to arrival ( PM and we’ll coordinate)

i’m right near the bridge of the americas and albrook airport (domestic flights/puddle jumpers)

right now i’m interested in possibly hooking into a 60s-style log.



if i ever go i will let you know, but i expect to be taken surfing in return. LOL

Too funny . My wife and I were looking at a calender last Saturday and figuring out when we’ll make a summer trip to Panama . We were in Pedasi for two weeks last August and I was thinking then that I should sell the board i brought instead of paying the $100 to take it home . I’ll let you know when we get our dates set but it will be sometime in July or August .

P-man / RoW: nex’tine!