If you can't log on right now...

Be interesting to know how many out there just can’t log on right now.

I am logged on automatically when I click my browser link to this site.  I can go to Quiver, and I can go to Swaylopedia.  But when I go to resources, it wants me to log on - and I can’t!

Anyway, if you can’t log on right now, any and all are welcome to drop by my delphi forum Surfers Surfing Surfboards and let us know what’s going on - anything you post there that you want posted here, I will post it for you.

ould not  get to the general discussion site using the Firefox browser…had to use Google Chrome browser to reach and log into discussion…


wow, that’s odd.  I was having problems getting on with internet explorer, so I switched to mozilla firefox, and now I can get on!  I haven’t tried Chrome yet.

It just took me well over 1 1/2min. to get the expanded discussions menu to unfold after clicking on it.  Then another 50 sec. for the General page to show up after clicking it…

Logging on to post this  note was the fastest of the operations I did…

Other sites like Surfermag are without issue and fast in comparison…

It’s been like this for nearly a week…Extremely slow…

Firefox browser.


Edit:  Took over 2 min. for this note to show up on screen…

The “connecting” phase is taking a very long time…imho.

Yeah, I can login, but it takes FOREVER to get to any sub-forum and I haven’t been able to do a search ina few days.

Working fine from my android phone can login from the pc with firefox but painfully slow to load any page so I just gave up on that.
Thers also a lot more options in the input format box than ether used to be.

All of a sudden, page loading and all else has become as fast as one might reasonably expect from any site with a simple layout.

For those who have issues with one browser but not another, look under the hood, so to speak. First thing, is clear your cookies. In Firefox, that’s Tools>Options>Privacy>Show Cookies. Scroll through the list and find anything from swaylocks, then delete. You will have to log in again, as that will log you out.

I could not log on from the Home Page. A post in the "What the Hell Happened" thread told me to click onto a thread and then log on.....now I'm sort of just on when ever I turn on my computer and click onto a thread.....home page says not logged on....go to a thread and I'm logged on......(without logging on)......PM is working......Happy Holidays everyone!


" now I'm sort of just on when ever I turn on my computer and click onto a thread.....home page says not logged on....go to a thread and I'm logged on...(without logging on)....PM is working "


 .... yep  !    I am experiencing the same , Ray !


" it's all good " [?] ,  if we can actually still POST here , though , I guess ?





Looks like Sways needs some “Website Acceleration!” If only the product was cheaper! 


Yeah had probs earlier with log in , But have two  Sways in favs one with saved password went straight in really quickly ! 

But it still takes ages from thread to thread ! 

Hope this helps 

Preferential treatment is being given to anyone who can take their wife surfing.

preferably with no one out but husband and wife.

This has been working well for me for almost a week.

That along with building a bill thrillkill and herb spitzer shrine

surrounding it with holiday greeting cards,

food(non perishable),and small envelopes 

filled with money (red envelopes with gold kanji

are indeed required you knew that).

this is also effective for bringing rain

and good soup.


do not give any money

to mexican federales

going door to door .

this will do no good.

I was trying to do some archive “hunting”  and this is what I got at the top of the screen each time I pressed the search button.


500 Can’t connect to www2.swaylocks.com:80 (Bad hostname ‘www2.swaylocks.com’)



I can’t get into the archives from swaylocks either - but I can use yahoo search, then go to advanced search, and limit the search to www.swaylocks.com or www2.swaylocks.com - so far I’ve been able to find anything I’m looking for in the archives.  Thats how I found the egg thread for beerfan.

Kind of an unorthodox “back door”  way of doing things though, don’t you think?

No reason to go outside the website to find internal archive info…imho…

Obviously something’s not right…


whatever door gets you where you’re going!