If you could only surf one board for the rest of your life...

Aside from the “getting old” part… I’d say I’d want my board to ride good when the waves are good. So that would be about a 6’6 round tail HPSB.

That’s the advice I give people who can only afford one board. When it’s good, you’re set. When the waves suck, you just deal with it… you’re really not missing much anyway.


 What was the tail width(1' up) on that 7'10 if you remember? thanks 


As I recall, it was 13.5 inches,   plus or minus 1/8th inch.

Since I live in the most consistent, uncrowded, right hand point breaks galore surf paradise on the planet as a regular footer, I have to agree. All I need is a board for when the waves are good, and that can handle a bit of side offshore chop on a fast hollow wave. Hench the semi-gun that will put my head on cloud 9.


I am currently doing research on the type of waves you mentioned. If you would like to assist me with this scholarly pursuit…send me a PM.




What fin do you ride in that one? thanks

Damn proneman, that is one helluva board. What kind of waves are you planning on riding on that thing…

I keep a few boards in Mexico that are fine in small to  head high waves±… …but on those occasions when it got bigger, I was struggling. I needed a stand-up board that would be similar to my Oahu north shore board(9-3 Paul Gross) pictured below under the arm of me mate Davo. 


I have some 8-8 mini guns but wanted more paddling power to deal with tired arms and heavy currents etc. Mark Andreini had made one of these for a friend and after I saw it I knew it was what I wanted…It is Mark’s version of a Diffenderfer Semi-gun. It is 9-6 and I recently got to put it to the test in solid waves up to double overhead…and it did the job…makes steep drops and flys down the line.

Mark provided the fin…I think it is 8 inches or maybe 8 1/2…not sure of brand but it is not a “flex fin”


BTW…this is not the board that I would have if I could only have one…I am still contemplating that one!


that thing looks great(both of 'em actually). Got any dims on the andreini or is it in mexico?


Davo must be a small bloke if that is a 9’3"

I’m 6’3"-6’4" with wide sholders, that board might look a bit different under my arm.

That’s good advice. When the waves are firing, you’ll be kicking yourself if you can’t partake.

Yea, the Andreini now lives permantly in Mex and I dont know the dims…Just looked at the PG and it is as I thought…9-3 by 21 1/2 by 3 1/2 thick…A quick measurement at tail…13 3/4 and nose 14 3/4…


a fair foil shot of Andreini…

How to instantly make yourself look badass on the roads:

Step one, get roof rack.

Step two, get really big gun. (As in the surfboard, not the weapon of mass destruction. The car does enough of that as it is.)

Step three: Tie gun to roofrack…

Francois, don’t forget the “cojones sling” and the “forgive me mom” heart tattoo…

A 9’ High Performance Longboard made for Hawaiian waves. The guys here ride them in everything from waist high to triple overhead. They can do anything anyone does with a 6’ board, but they catch way more waves because they paddle much better.

My personal favorite would be something about 8’ and more like a semi-gun or slightly wider semi. I still prefer shorter boards, but at 50+ my 9-4 HPLB may get used again.

Thanks proneman...again, that's one slick board

9’0" X 17-1/4" X 22" X 13-1/2" X 2-3/4" diamond tail 2+1


Remeber to have a knive in the heart. That and a devil mistress tatoo on the other arm.