If you could only surf one board for the rest of your life...

What board will it be. (Assuming that the board is indestructable/a exact replica can be made.)



Personally, this one looks good to me…

[img_assist|nid=1061588|title=Paul Gross 4thGear Flyer|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=640|height=591]

One of these guys, for sure (see it? It’s hanging from my door).


i would ride alana blanchard for the rest of my life… does that count? can i make 2 or 3 of her?

Haha Im friends with her cousin…

maybe a 6’6 bonzer egg?



for surfing ? ....


 .... a 6'6 to 7' single fin with side plugs options , probably roughly similar in shape to the first board posted by the headless guy  . But possibly a little wider ... [ the board that is , not the headless guy]



 And ....for 'Swaylocks'  visits .....[ and for REAL life  !] ,


a sense of HUMOUR  , DEFINATELY !! [possibly combined with the need for a thick skin , and / or a duck's back for water flow]


  cheers !



That one looks good to me too. The range on a board like that is incredible.

I’ve seen a version of that board in person and it looks even better in person.

Something short, wide and thick.  I’ve been having such a blast on this thing that I haven’t ridden much else for the past 6-months.

If I could only surf one board for the rest of my life.........I would be very very sad. I like surfboards...that is probably why my garage is such a mess.

I’m with you Warthawg, currently I have a Standard, a Fatty and a UDT with UDT unmodified flippers and MS Vipers. If I were to choose one it would be the Fatty. You mat surf Raglan, that’s very cool, never been there but I know it’s a loooooong wave, must be awesome on a mat. Please, if you can, post some pics of you riding the mat at Raglan, it would be very cool if you post them here and in surfmatters blog…


This is exactly why my garage is such a mess.

I posted this for the very reason that I know it will be difficult for many to answer that question… But for most people, riding only one board is very much the reality. I can only afford one new board a year, when I’m lucky. I’ve had to chose between a new suit and a new board before. A bad choice in board inhibits my surfing for an entire season, which, since I’ve only been surfing for 3 1/2 years, and all but my last board was the wrong board for me, is most of my surfing life. I learned to surf on a board two inches smaller than me, and probably no more than 2 inches thick…


dont buy boards, build them than you can make at least 2 for the same price!

my hand made fisho’ 6’2" x 2"3/4 x 21"3/4 or something similar.

**a2tall ** ur so damn right i will never ever buy a board. I month ago i found that i can build my own board, maybe not that “good looking” as a “good brand board” but 100% surfable

I want to make my own board, but then it is going to be a wooden one. I lack time even more than I lack money. Once I’ve got my matric year behind my and I found a place in J-Bay to live in, I’ll try and find a shaper willing to let me use his shaping bay, since I doubt I’d have the space to set up a shop, or the money to buy tools.


 that was my problem too. If I can build 3-4 boards for the price of one then I don't see a reason not too. Building is fun, surfing what you build is even more fun. There is loads of info here that will help you along. Wood might take longer than foam, and also might be pricier....two things which you have stated are a concern for you. good luck

to answer the question of the original thread, I would probably surf a square tail single fin gun (maybe side bite boxes for more options).8' in length 22 in width and 3.25 in thickness.

Well the thing is, I can get a really good foam board whenever I have the money, but even if I had the money, there is no-one in my area who can make a good wooden board. Plus I just love wood, and all things organic. I’m willing to invest more time and money into a wood board wich is unique, than a foam board that is just OK. Not to mention, if I get some time in my vacations, and the money to build a wood board, I have tools to my disposal, and an expert woodworker for advice. My grandfather was a really good woodworker, and he still has some of his tools, in fact, all the tools I need to build a chambered board.


to answer the question of the original thread, I would probably surf a square tail single fin gun (maybe side bite boxes for more options).8' in length 22 in width and 3.25 in thickness.


That is really close to what I rode on the North Shore for years, up to 15 foot Sunset.    Bigger waves, I'd pull out a 10 foot plus gun.   The board I rode most was 7' 10'' x 21.5'' to a 7'' hard squaretail, 3.5'' thick.    Single fin.    That design went like a scalded ape!  That was in the years from 1969 to 1978.  


 I talked to you on the phone last year about that...thanks again for the info, and for sharing your time.

edit*  What was the tail width(1' up) on that 7'10 if you remember? thanks 

"for the rest of your life..."

If you plan to get old, you'd better consider what it'll be like then.


You wouldn't happen to be able to post a picture of what you rode back in the day?  I'd love to see.