If you just make boards for yourself

How many do you make in a year?


1 or two and the old one gets passed along


Hope to make double that this year but probably won’t.

I average about 6 a year.  I need to slow down a little, I have too many boards!

I usually do one or two a year for myself but I’m making boards for my 3 kids that surf and a couple friends.  I do about 3 a year for my oldest son who outgrows them before the glass cures.

Been making between 4 and 6 boards a year for the last 10+ years. Other than a few boards I made for fund raising events, I don’t sell them. I have given away about 10, a couple were specially made for friend’s kids.

Trying to ween myself down to just making a new one when a need arises, but I still get excited by some of the stuff happening here, and I find myself making another strange board like the double single fin Neil Purchase Jr is doing. Then I read Parmenter’s homage to the single and tried to make a One Board Quiver with a new 8’ x 21"x 3" round pin egg. Put all kinds of ideas into it, but I’m not feeling that this will be it.

Thought that the extra paddling would be what I need for both small and bigger days, but I think the 6’ 6" double fin may work better once it’s head high.

Oh well, guess I have to keep making more boards.

Zero. I’ve been building my new house for the last two years! Almost done.

I’m clocking in about 12 a year. So far 26 shaped and glassed in 2.5 years.I’m doing one at a time start to finish.also I try to support my habits from my builds,so I make 3 & keep 1 as a bonus

Just for me, 3-5.   That includes SUPs, fishing surfboards and prone paddle boards.

Like Sharkcountry. I build between 5 and 10 a year. I see something new and get excited about and have to build one for me. I give some away. Sell some. Mostly just fund my habit and build skills. 

All the best

About 1 every 2 years (usually when i wear it out). Hope to change that this year. In the middle of a garage remodel  with a shaping/glassing area. Hope to have it done in about 3 weeks, then I have 2 boards designed ready to go (blanks should arrive this week) and a third later in the year.

1-6 depending on the year.  I always build myself one or two.  My son (13 y.o.) gets one.  I have a friend who wants one at cost, but his wife is a great graphic artist and will redesign my logo.  I’m building one for a friend’s son (14 y.o.).  So that’s like 4 or 5 for 2016.  Have a neighbor who might want two, one for his son and one for himself.  So maybe I get to 7 in 2016.

1 or 2 most years. Either refining/ changing a design or going off on a tangent. Variations on things below 6ft usually.

two or three most years…

I have been knocking out one every 4-6 weeks, fairly consistantly for the last couple years.  I do not keep track of how many.  Although I do seem to always have one or two on the wait list.  I have been making more SUPs latley than surf boards.  (All flat water boats)

wouldn’t that be just fun