If You Require a Puddle To Surf

What is the miminum size puddle you will surf in?   Imagine trying to paddle your poodle in a puddle.   What would that be like?   Don’t piddle around, tell it like it really is!

Howzit Bill...    Long time no post with you!  

If I were to paddle a poodle in a piddly puddle I would paddle the poodle on this...   My latest personal poodle paddler ready tomorrow....    Hot coat pic... 1 lb foam ultra light balsa veneer 9-2 x 28-3/4" x 4-5/8" meant for lip devastation and green room travels...   


One delicious lookin' puddle-paddling popsicle stick mon!




holy cow.  beautiful.  Carve, I built a 1 pound foam SUP with PLENTY of glass on the deck, but it is denting big time.  I am now bagging on a balsa deck to repair it.  I will post when complete.  But wow, yours is a beaut.  Glass schedule?  Many thanks.

Wow!   That is an outstanding piece of craftsmanship.    It is so well proportioned, that it does not betray its true size to the eye.   I had to look twice.

Yes it is beautiful but all I did was provide the shaped blank.   APS 3000 cut but I left the bottom un finished so I could finish certain things by hand.     Charlie Price did his magic on it with the veneer.     He asked if this was my personal board and he gave it a little extra lovin...    STOKED!!!!!!

Glassing schedule is 6 oz - veneeer - 4 oz.    I'll get some deck dents for sure but I wanted this thing really light...       

Good to see you holding up the fort here Bill...   

Beautiful board Blaine, is that a machine shape? God bless Charlie for all he’s taught me and Bernie, he sure knows how to make strong boards. I still have every board Charlie helped me make, and still like riding the first one.

Been thinking about making another balsa board. It’s been a while since we made the last one. We’ve got side tracked with the veneers, the woven bamboo, the PU/PE boards, and now I think Bernie has developed an allergy to epoxy, or resin-x.

Everyone knows that you don’t want to be in the water after it rains, so I’d say that if there were puddles, I wouldn’t paddle out.


Carve, It might not dent.   

What did you do for rails?  looks like balsa?


I hope you will post some more pics when complete. thx

Don’t mean to hijack this thread (I know Bill has some special
technique on puddle surfin he learned while at Hansens that
he wanted to share…LOL) but I wanted everyone who cares
to know that Blane has a nice personal profile piece in the new
Standup Journal. He and Bernie (oneula) are the best guys
I have never met who are proving all the time that the aloha spirit
is alive and well. I hope to see lots more of Blane’s work and his
can do attitude as seen by his posts of the last few years here
on Sways should be a great example to any of the younger guys
who want to make a life in the surfing world. Now back to poodle puddles…