I'm a newbie and I messed up graphic in wrong place

I’m a newbie been lurking for a while. I am building a hollow wood surfboard. It’s 9-9 and coming along well. Last night I laminated the board which went surprisingly well. Till 2am when I awoke and realized I had put the graphic to close to the tail where my fin box needs to be. What should I do.


I am assuming I shoukd tape off around the graphic and sand back down till the graphic is gone.  Then re laminat just that area and clean up the lap before hot coating. Does that make sense.  Will it still look good?  


Is there a way to still put down a new graphic. Can I put it under the hot coat.  Or under another small piece of cloth.  In a new location of course. Thank you for the advice. And I’ll post some pics later. 

Welcome to Sways!

Who says you need to look at it as a mistake? Just say you meant to do it and blast that finbox right through it. Call it a new fashion statement.

Plus, it will be a lot easier than sanding through the cloth, through the logo, and relaminating that area.

As for the other logos, you can laminate a new one under a small piece of glass (4 oz. or 1.5 oz.), feather the edges when it’s cured and hotcoat over normally.

Just my .02

just go wit it…the way the thing goes is way more important than a logo…or you could do a little art around the box to hide it…


our logo is “Blind Dog” , I glassed one in that was “Dog Blind”. owner laughted and all was fine. No bid deal. Why are you putting in the fin box after glassing. We do ours before glassing and lay one layer of glass over the masking taped off fin box. After epoxy sets we exacto knife off the glass. then sand flush with box and another tape off that is pulled as soon as gloss coat is layed on.

I said screw it and dropped in a fin box.



I wanna see! Post some pics!

here you go. [IMG]http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i23/jessehousesearch/Gordo/105f2b42.jpg[/IMG]

Hey, that turned out ok. I think you should tighten up your slot for the next one, but you already figured that out I’m sure.

Did you use a jig to route the slot?  I had a store bought jig that worked out ok but it would make the slots way too big… I ended up making one that’s much better and now I get a better fit. I made it for the trimmer/router plate so no guide bearing to worry about.

Anyways nice project man!

i did you a router, and you can see how nice the left side of the box it. I made it out of mdf and some strips.  I unfortunatly some how bumped the jig and put a cut in the right side.  and i hand sanded it out.  thats why the top right is bumped out a bit.  I also need to make the jig a bit tighter next time.