Im back again!

HI there to my sways friends and Happy New Year!

ive been away for a while, dropping back in now and again for a quick read but pretty much keeping my head down firmly planted on the grindstone! see ive had a plan and its starting to come to fruition, work had started becoming a major chore with economic clampdowns in education over here forcing jobs and job descriptions to the limit i saw all of my colleagues with wives and mortgages coming in every day looking more and more screwed, i decided that it was now or never so i put my head down and grafted! bought a bigger van to start living in (see pic) and after a few months saving ive set out alone.... given up the management job..... picked up the shaping tools again.... and surfing any day i wish!!! :) :) :) i couldnt possibly be any happier!

ive been out in north wales uk now since just before xmas, ive put up with week long stints @ -10degC and also some awesome surf.. meeting new contacts all the time, brewing up for customers, shooting the crap and surfing some good solid swells even if there has been snow on the beach!!

a good friend came to stay the other day and he looked at me and said.. jeez Mark if your loving this lifestyle this much in the winter, living outa the van, surfing, shaping etc its gonna be one hellavu summer!..... cant wait,

heres some pics and hopefully a lil video too, i pulled my second ever shape out of retirement last week, not ridden for 4 yrs as the swell had started beefing up a little bit, rewaxed it and luckily a friend got some footage of me getting used to her again...

ps if any of you want to know... nah north wales never gets good surf!! ;)!/video/video.php?v=10150130149363993&subj=691738992




oh and balsa, that bing/tweener template u sent me is my start point tmw :) :)

and monday is my birthday... life sure can be sweet


wishing u all the best with your 'stuff' this year

if you like north wales, you might love "new south" wales :). Haha just kidding, sounds like you're living the dream, good luck to you!!

P.S there are no waves in "new south" wales either!


Happy birthday!

thanks beerfan! ill make sure i order a good beer on monday in your honour!

you'll be seeing loads of me now!

Oooohhh you're making me drool. On my bucket list is to go to the Great British Beer Festival. mmmm hand pumped ale!!!!

well if u made it over mate there'd always be somewhere to crash and a free lift to the beach

Cheers for the offer mate, much appreciated!. Likewise, i can show where there are "no" waves in my part of wales hehe. Always wondered what wales is like, since my state is named after south wales.

ill be over your way soon enough i reckon and ill be calling on all the sway bretheren down under!

as for up here, im pretty sure no-one too local will spot this and all the uk crew on here are pretty chilled, but we have 14 'local' spots here in north wales within 15 miles with two coasts facing i reckon 270degrees of the compass!!

as with local issues most places i guess if you dont live there in the winter you'll never find those places anyhow, take for example this little spot i found last week, never surfed before but thought about according to the local surf shop owner, last wave thru is 4ft solid!


That sand around your van sure is white!!!