i'm new and didn't know where to post this :) (McTavish Original 9'2")

~~hi guys, my name is yves or olod, i’m not really new here but i didn’t post that much for several years, i’m from belgium so forgive me for my english.

in belgium we surf beachbrakes all the time, there not that powerful, in my quiver i have a classic noserider 9.6, a taka 7.2 egg and a cream boobster 6.2, i use the different boards depending on the waves, but i noticed during the years i have the most fun and rides with my longboard, but i like the sharp turns from the taka and the nose and tail rocker from the boobster, so i’ve been looking around for a longboard that combines these things and i came up with the next board:

a mctavish original 9.2

whoow what a board, the only thing i don’t like is the price 1000 euros, so hereby my question, i want to shape this board, but i don’t find any measurements on the internet, so can you guys help me…


I think you will find that the 9’2 will not turn much quicker than the 9’6. If you want a good wave catcher that also cranks turns, I would go down to the 8’0 range. I made one based on the Hobie Peter Pan Slug, and I never even ride my 9’2 anyore, I thickened/widened to where I almost have the volume of a 9’0, and it is a real mush-killer that can also handle size.

Re: The Slug

Pan invented the Slug as a way to get around ESA contest rules. He had been using a longboard in open division events until someone protested. Since EC contests are often held in waist high mush, he had an advantage over shortboarders simply because of wave catching ease and length of ride capability.  They created a rule that open div barred any boards over 7’.  This was at a time when few people even used longboards and contests didn’t have a division for logs. He came up with the Slug to maximize paddling and glide, yet still be within the 7’ limit. Over time, I have seen Slugs as big as 9’4", or so. Seems more than a bit ridiculous. Under 8’ makes more sense, to me.

well i don’t want to downsize, i like the idea of a longboard, i dont want a medium sized board 3 or 4 thick and 23 wide, the feeling is not wright for me, friends of mine surf at such boards, they handle nice, but its not for me, what i want is first do a nice noseride and after a nice cutback :slight_smile:

My noserider is 8’. It’s wide and a bit thick right out to the rails. It turns very well and has lots of glide. I am 5’10" and weigh about 150. You don’t need a board over 9’ to nose ride effectively.

Hey Olod welcome to Swaylocks, obviously you can build what you want, and ride what you want, but the comments here are just honest feedback based on other people’s experiences.

You don’t tell us your size and weight, or what your shaping and glassing experience is, you just state you are looking for “measurements”. Don’t know exactly what measurements you’re after, but there are plenty of pictures available online, you should be able to get a reasonable facsimile based on the photos, if you’re a halfway decent shaper / boardbuilder.

To me it looks like a typical 23" wide longboard, you say the length is 9’ 2", the nose is a typical noserider shape, the tail is a pulled in rounded pin, almost but not quite a pintail, the thickness is probably about 3", maybe a little more if your weight justifies the extra volume, probably a shallow concave teardrop in the nose transitioning to a concave channel through the front half up to the middle. Rocker looks like about 4 to 4 1/2" nose and same for the tail, the curve flattens out a bit through the middle. Down rails in the back third, transitioning to a 60/40 rail in the middle / nose. Those are just off the cuff comments without having spent a lot of time studying photos, like I would if I were going to build one myself.

Do a google image search, study the photos, read the reviews, etc., gather what info you can, and go for it! Post up some pics of your project as it progresses, that way you can get feedback along the way, if desired. Look forward to hearing more from you, wish you the best with this project!

I havea McTavish 9’6" in my collection of used boards I also have a 10’ Hobie Peter Pan  that is a real beater.  

Olod I’ll pull the numbers off the 9’6" Mctavish.  The numbers should translate into a 9’2"  It will still be a Long Board. if you like McTavish shapes you may want to look into a McTavish Carver. in an 8’0" or 7’6" 

Huck, thanx for the info, i weigh around 80 kilo and i’m 1.89 meter long, well it’s going to be my first board that i’ll shape, so al the info is welcom…

For the size of the board, i’m sure, i want a 9.2, i know you don’t need a big board to noseride because i also do it on the taka 7.2, and the bigger the board, the more i can walk over it :slight_smile:

Artz, i would appriciate if you give me the dimensions, what i allready did to get the outline is:

i have taken a picture from the internet, frontvieuw and sidevieuw and send it to the copycenter to print it at full scale, i gave them the wright dimensions,so then i allready have my outlines i think, or wil this not be accurate?

It’s always safest to assume some distortion - but it’ll give a good startling point. First board you’re prob not gonna nail every detail anyway. A wizened old shaper once told pay less attention to the numbers and more attention to the curves. Saving money not best reason to take up board building cuz it can be the beginning of an expensive hobby lol. And there is a learning curve, sometimes takes a few boards to get up to speed. Take your time, do your homework, she’ll be right. Good on yer for taking on the challenge!



Wise words Huck . The numbers just give a starting point. I have pulled numbers from the best of them and still managed to make a real F-ing mess 

There’s alot to a McTavish original for a beginner.  With all the subtle tweaks on that board you are bound to hose it up unless you really know what to do.  From one newbie to another I would stick to something alot more simpler.  Just trying to get a basic longboard rocker, outline, rails, etc shaped and glassed will be hard enough…AMHIK…