>>>>>i'm not ghettorat !<<<<<

geeeezzzz ,

i get this email today,that says,

"fess up herb,..........you're really the gutterrat aren't you !"(i won't put the rest he/she said here).

buzzzz........WRONG ANSWER hans............but would you like to go to the second round phase of our game ?

i guess some people have nothing else better to do.


Yes you are.

No he's not,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Im Ghettorat!

I’m not ghettorat.  Ain’t Spartacus, either.

I want to be Ghettorat.

**you cant be **

i am




** cheers huie

Was Coral really Magic Man?

Nope, Magic Man was Heart.

I thought Bubba from Georgia was Ghetto Rat.

I live in GA and there is nobody named Bubba here. I do a know a dude named Skeeter.

Everyone in Savannah with a Y chromosome is a Bubba, n’cest pas?


Yes you are.


When I worked in Santa Ana I was a ghettorat.......but I'm not Ghettorat ...the man , the myth, the Legend.....

Sanmarcoray, You are still a ghettorat!  Really your a better person and way nicer, at least in my meaningless opinion,  and I dig your style; your more like helpfulray, and everyone loves Raytheman; that can’t be said about the regrettorat.

Well shit…I guess I can’t be Ghettorat. I need to be somebody.

The GRat isn't real.

He's a voice of our conscience.

Ghettorat lives in the wall of the shaping room. I know its not Herb

How 'bout a photo line up…  

No answers, no age limit, just photo’s and let people guess…

I think GR played the pirate captin in that footage used in that clip we had for Jazz the Glass…


What do I have to do with this??

If I recall correctly, it’s a quote from the movie Die Hard. Hans is the terrorist leader, and the statement comes from the cop John McClane (sp?)

get the log ready!