i'm sorry ....

.... for being a dick lately


  I've been going through some crap , have been [fortunately] getting much needed advice [thanks ! ]  , am about to move interstate [2000-3000 miles east of here ] . I'm also in the process of trying to get rid of all my possessins , in order to travel light , and I guess  things have been getting on top of me a lot [ as I touched on , in the 'riding the flat times' thread ]


  still , there is no excuse to take it out on any of you  !!


bill thrailkill, especially ...I am sorry mate !


please forgive me .


  moderators , THANK you , actually ! .... for deleting my hurtfull comments ! .... THEY were uncalled for , and unneccessary !


  'thirdshade' , thank you for pulling me up , mate !


and to the others , who 'p.m.'ed me .... you showed that [despite my ill feeling] YOU are a caring community , when it comes to the crunch . Thank you. Sorry for forgetting that , and losing focus ... that is , rest assured , not the 'usual' me !


I count many of you as my friends , although i've bnever met you .... so why should I shoot myself in the foot and risk becoming an enemy /  alienating people ???  ..... silly , really !


  after all, as you said , Rich ..." we are here to help each other " , enjoy boards , fins , surfing , photos ... [ good times , in a nutshell !].


I hope the good times return [to my life soon, too]



   thank you for your patience




  ben chipper


[...perth now , but soon to be vicco ....]

Where you moving to in vic ben ? Winki and Bells are calling 

I for one am happy to read that Ben. Inasmuch as its possible over the Internet, I have a fondness for both you and Bill, and I was aghast at the slanging match that I observed recently.


I didn’t know it’s origins other than a stoush on a thread about Roy - oh the irony! I didn’t see fit to take sides, but I respect your ability to show humility with this apology. 


With your move to Victoria, we’re more likely to cross paths at some point, and that’d be fun. 




thank you josh , you are a good man , and I have a lot of respect for your craftsmanship and patience , those boards are time-consuming works of ART,  mate . I hope you win that grant , you deserve it .


I would LOVE to meet up one day , ? maybe when simon returns , or if a mate does a bells trip [to skate] , I'd love to drop by your 'shed' and see one of your boards in the 'flesh' [lucky beerfan and matt , eh !] 


  hi zac !


  ..... a place fairly near P.I.


  A fair hike to bells without a car.


[ I will be looking after simon's house , while he is attending to stuff ,  up north ...]





Where you’re going has its fair share of quality breaks Ben - you won’t miss a whole lot by not being near Bells. And definately open up your photography options beyond the Perth ankle-snappers.



great to read , Josh !

Ben, you are a good man. Good luck with the move and all. Maybe we can share some waves at Bells or ? in the future.

Your stoke has been infectious for most of us here at Sways!!



thank you , jolly Roger !


[maybe I could try to make you a set of pirate fins , one day ? ]


...a mate of my brother's , also named Roger , a kneeboarder , used to paint skull and cross bones on his kneeboards ... he was easy to spot in a lineup !  [he also , incidentally , sported a bushy black beard .... but , alas , no cutlass , or parrot on his shoulder ?!]


  yes , I really hope we DO meet up 'one day' , at least you won't have to make the tedious trek across the nullarbor , hopefully  [neither will  sir amby's travel board , now ! ]


    cheers for the encouragement , mate ..... I REAAALLLY needed it !


  I have been pretty low , for quite a few months , now ....and have learnt from this that it is prudent to keep my mouth / typing finger shut when the black dog is in the neighbourhood /  [cl] pawing at the door  [of my heart] ....




hang in there, brother.

Being human is a tough job. 

The heavy panting and stinking breath

of the Black Dog only makes it worse.

Just remember that all bad things will pass

and thankfully that bastard Black Dog can’t swim.

Just be glad for all you do have,

and all you’ve ever had,

and all you hope to have.

and keep them gills wet.

cheers, mate!


Hi Ben. I’ve been battling a bit of mental stress myself. Always good to have someone you can talk too and get advice from, especially when you get close to the breaking point.

Best thing for us half fish people is to get water time. I think it helps the most.

LLC is spot on. Get a stick and beat the crap out of that black dog before it takes a bite out of your ass.

Hey Ben, well done you’ve made a great move here - takes some doing to stick your head up. We’ve got a great thing going here and differences of opinion are inevitable. But we are strong together. It’s one hell of a priveledge to be part of it.



Well said Icc,  As a dog lover I’m not for hitting any color dog even if it is a metaphorical Dog. But I do digress.  I’ll just think of it as the Black Monster 

Ben, do whatever you have to do to keep the beast at bay.  You may never be able to concer the Monster but he can be harnessed and made tame. 

when i realized it was you that made that comment on the fin thread, it took me back. you have always had positive and upbeat input here from what i recall.nothing like what you posted in that thread. certainly hope things smooth out for you and the move goes as well as it can. take care and stay stoked!


Keep your head up Ben, your enthusiasm here is infectious, and appreciated. Be well my friend.

Keep the stoke flowing Ben…:slight_smile:

Enjoy your new digs.

Ahhhh…anybody can have bad day. you are well liked around here and so is Bill. No worries

Hey Fins, you are not alone in your experience, I have had some pretty dark days in the past, and I know how terrible it can be.  Feeling so low can make you lash out and hurt people that care about you which in turn breeds guilt inside and can go round in a viciuos cycle making the situation worse.

  Try to keep going out doing things,- try to look at the positive things at every passing moment, and try to make the best of every passing moment and just concentrate on appreciating little things no matter how insignificant they might seem, for example fresh air, watching wildlife and appreciating the gift of life in other things even if you don’t appreciate it in yourself right now.

Change will come and it WILL come for the better, you just have to hold in there, I’m not saying the above will surely help you, but it helped me in the past and you will need to find what works best for you.

Thanks for sharing Ben-

Take care of  yourself…

Hey Ben,

Give yourself a break for being a human being.  We all go thru it too.  The fish we talked about twinzerizing is done.  Let me know if you still want to fin it for me.  I’m hoping to test ride it tomorrow as a quad. I count you as a friend so take care of yourself. Mike