?i'm stumped?

ok,i have been having problems lately with my hotcoat/ gloss mixes. i use a cheater gloss coat…i am glassing in a colder climate up in the mid-atlantic, but i keep chemicals warmed up to room temp. before glassing…i am having a problem with streaks. i tried everything, making sure to scrape sides of bucket, using fresh cat.,mixing extra long, brand new brush??..still keep having the same problem. the streaks seem to occur on my final strokes, following the stringer(parallel). could bad s/a be causing this?? any help from the big guys…??

How cold is the surace of the board. If there is a large diffrence between the tep of the baord and the resin temp, this could have very drastic affects on the quality of finish. Ideally uou want both to be the same temp, but wintertime can make that a problem especially if you are in a garage. Using a space heater in your glossing area will help. DREW

teddy- the streaks you are seeing- could they possibly be where the ends of the brush are leaving wax build-up, or are these ‘splits’ in the gloss? when i gloss, after the resin has kicked, i have noticed the streaks also- but again, i think mine were from the very last and lighter passes i made for smoothing the gloss out. no separations occurring, just an odd look until you sand and polish-hmmm, curious to know - good waves to ya!

Most glosses will have wax streaks.They polish right out no problem.

i just finished up the boards w/ streaks…they sanded out ok…i am glassing w/ the board and resin at diff. temps…what happens??

Teddy, I have noticed that the wax wants to precipitate out of solution in my S.A. if the temp drops below about 68 degrees. I warm it back up and it melts back in. If you are glassing below 72 degrees that could be some of the problem. Most wax streaks are superficial and sand/polish out fine. MLC

the other day i hotcoated when it was like 50 degrees…i was worried, and it didnt reassure me when the resin was super heavey and hard to move, i was afriad the boards coat was gonna be to thick at spots, plus never dry, but it came out fine. funny bc the problem only happened when hotcoating the deck, the bottom was almost to thin of a hotcoat.

hey Drew…any thoughts on what happens if the resin and board temp. are different???/