ime glassing - here I go!

Hi all,

Well, its time for glassing my fish. Ive decided to go for an opaque yellow tint and will be glassing 2 layers of 6oz on the deck and one on the bottom. Using Poly resin. Ive been mulling over the problem of fumes and working in the backyard with no shelter or enclosure. Basically, im worried that I might be endangering the health of my neighbours by doing this? My only other option is to do it at my folks place as they have a large garage and i can close at least one of the roller doors. I am aware of need for PPE and am using a repirator, goggles, overalls, gloves and enclosed shoes etc. Just dont wont to piss off my neighbours.

what do you think?



Good on ya AJ,

Do it when the neighbours are at work…

Best of luck mate…

A drop cloth or something to collect the resin drips so your parents don’t kill you.


Ive been mulling over the problem of fumes and working in the backyard with no shelter or enclosure.


Please don’t do it in the backyard with no shelter or enclosure… the reason will become evedent when you’re resin kicks in about 5 mins and you end up with a big glob of lam resin you can do nothing with. (And possibly a wasted board)


I made a blue tarp tent for my first glass job.

If it’s a little windy the smell is not so bad.

It tends to get a little more dirt and bugs in the

board when your out doors,but thats natures way.Better to glass

on a hot dry day 70% -85% or you have to add more MEKP.

Stay in the shade until you want the resin to gel.And don’t use

UV POLY resin unless you are indoors.Uv resin is much easier to use

no resin going off too soon.Just get the board how you want it and then

put it in the sun for five minutes and your off to the next step.

It should be ok.Get every thing preped before you mix the MEKP

in.Extra gloves, rags,tape,acetone,and scissors.A an extra pair of hands

can make for less stress.My friend lost the squeegee after he did his board

and I had to glass first board with a rubber edged dust pan.

Have fun,


Thanks guys.

Ill make a shelter of some sort using a tarp and i have a very big back yard and its always a little windy here near the coast so i guess it wont be too bad. as for dirt in the board (bugs etc) just have to accept it as part of the process till i can arrange for a more permanent enclosure.

keep you posted


looking good for tonight …


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yes , an extra set of hands could be good … to take the photos of you glassing !

"just take time …board come [out alright] "

 cheers aido  


[p.s. - by the way , mate …there is no “e” in " I’m " ]

so , Aido …

have you started glassing it yet ?