Impact Glass

Has anyone tried laminating with it? Impact glass that is. (Might have asked this question before but I can’t remember). Good, bad or just ordinary? Also how much was it per metre or yard? And what are this weeks winning lottery numbers? And will my star sign by in the fourth quadrant of the milky way? And will I be rich and famous? All answers plus twelve free rolls of impact glass to this address…


I used the 3.1 oz 25" wide impact glass on a Warvel/Greg Loehr multi-density blank. The blank is 1.5# EPS between perimeter stringers with 5# P/U rails. I used 2 layers on the bottom and 3 on the deck with a patch. The stuff is really tough! The nose of the Warvel went unscathed while punching a big deep hole in a p/u board. I thought I was skimping cause I normally do 3 x 4oz on 2# EPS. Getting ready lam some Marko 1.7# and 1.9# blanks with it. I found it to be a bit more challenging to laminate. Wets out pretty easy, conforms and wraps well. But as the resin kicks you have to keep an eye out for air under the glass. I think its something to do with how dense and tightly woven the cloth is. As far as cost I think the 3.1 x 25" was under $3/yd. There’s an old post with pics of the board.