After reading an article in Surfer, I was struck by a topic of discussion by some top industry shapers and designers on new materials . One of the older and wiser innovators brought up something that has been debated here at Swaylcks , that I thought I’d share. Given all the talk of surtech and acme being imports, and how wrong and soulless they are for our surfing and our economy ; what do surfers care about where there wetsuits are manufactured?

i think we need to get behind the smaller surf companies that are making thier own clothes, wetsuits ect. rather than just going and buying from multinational stockmarket players. Everyone who visits this message board should start posting a list of small grassroots surf companies who we can all support. although i think a lot of smaller businesses do it tough because we tend to get sucked into the marketing campaigns of the big 3. if you know of a small surf business whether it be wetsuits, clothing, board bags ect give them a bit of airspace on here and ill start supporting them. i love an underdog.

I think that buying from the small guy and spreading the wealth is a good idea. Starbucks ain’t bad, but it would be nice if the small coffee shop owner was making a living too. It will be really crazy when surfing becomes like the main stream mini mall millionaire market. Spread the wealth with blanks too…buy some Walker blanks…Clark is good foam, but I don’t like teir cut throat ethic. “If you buy foam from someone else, don’t bother coming back to us (CLARK)”. The Tahiland factory is scary too. But hey, backyard shapers have always done it for the passion???

“But hey, backyard shapers have always done it for the passion???” Please remember that some of us who are professionals have never ceased being passionately driven, to continually observe and ask questions, searching for answers, always striving to create and innovate. Thats most always a much more difficult, yet far more rewarding challenge. This process of personal growth can only be sustained by the fires of inspiration. Without it, the basis of an individuals efforts are without meaning, direction and life… whether they be professional, or not.

Given my location, there’s not much that’s not imported when it comes to surfgear. There is a manufacturer of wetsuits however that make custom wetsuits with the same pricetag as the imports, working out of a garage. No, they don’t look all that fancy, but the quality is great and so is the service. I know where I’ll spend my wetsuit $$$ next time around. regards, Håvard

If you are intrested check out Splaff Flopps sandals.They are hemp and recycled tires and I think inner tubes. Very comfortable they are located in San Diego and are a small company.Dont know about a web site so try to contact Craig at (619)221-9199 or e-mail at .

here’s an option for those near the so bay (actually they ship far afield): JMJ wetsuits 2331 abalone ave torrance ca 90501 310/ 212-3040 talk to jon or jeff–great guys w/ tons of design & manufacture experience running a tight little operation making everything from customs for individuals to much larger orders,for all conditions.

Not to mention the multitude of advantages you get by creating a personal relationship with those who you are trusting to create such a personal piece of art/equipment