Improving 'V' technique - Suggestions?

I’m looking to improve my ‘V’ method. Lately I’ve made a few attempts at complex bottomed boards ( single and multiple concaves going into V’s at the tail) as practice runs prior to shaping a Bonzer type. My contour flow is fair but could be better. I’m not happy with the ‘V’ however. The ‘V’ is there when you straightedge it but it just doesn’t FEEL right (Having difficulty articulating it). I must be missing something. Any comments on setting up the bottom shape and actually cutting it? Does the set up start with the deck or does it stand alone? Are you using a planer to set the ‘V’ up or are you using the surform? Am I even asking the correct questions? Thanks guys (and gal), Magoo p.s. Rain today in HB - Bacteria Central! M

Magoo, A handy tool to have,and is easy to make is a sighting tool I introduced a year or so ago. What you need is some dark colored line(dacron fishing line,parachute cord,etc.),about 6ft. will do.Next you need 2 torepedo wts.1-4oz size.MAKE SURE THE WEIGHTS ARE THE SAME SIZE/WT.Tie off the weights to the line at each end.You now have a gauge that you can drape over your bottom/deck from rail to rail.This will let you see what you cut.You can use it stationary or dragging it up and down the blank. As far as cutting vee,I cut with my planer(s)graduating bands at the rails edge and blend them to the center of the bottom.You can also do this with a sureform it just takes more effort,energy,and time.Herb.

Hold your planer at the angle you want to cut you V. Cut the railine first, then blend from the rail to the stringer with even strokes. You don’t need to use deep cuts. USE YOUR PLANER!!! Don’t be afraid of it. Really shallow cuts are ok until you get the hang of it. The planer isn’t a fire breathing monster, It’s a tool that allows you to make fluid, even cuts. aloha Magoo