imput on quad fin placement

hey guys i have 6'4 bat tail that i was wanting some help working out the fin placement on. I have never done a quad before and as this board is a custom for someone else i want to get it right.

anyway theres a pic of the tail, the width is 7 3/4 outer tip to outer tip. The board is 16 1/16 1ft up from tail 22 wide at middle.The boards got low entry/exit rocker  heres some pics. I would like some feed back on placement i download some info off greenlight was thinkinf of try that set up what you thoughts 

cheers antony

greenlights fin placement page

i like my quads placed close to the greenlight setup. i prefer mine closer to the rail tho. fronts at 1 1/8" from the rail rears at 1" from the rail... i don't have anything with a tail that wide tho...

board looks good by the way... post up some more pics

cheers for the imput. I talked with the guy i am shaping the board for and we may add long board fin box as well so he can have more fin setup options.

I am doing the lam tonight just waiting for it to cool down as its been real hot today, pity that there is no surf!!!

cheers antony

redwood, bottom grain

Looks like another choice board Antony. Any more pics?


just got done with deck lam having coffee and  waiting for epoxy to set enough to do the cut lap, glassed heavy as new owner request as hes a biggish guy

sorry lighing is not that good in my shaping/glassing shed need some better lighting hope you can see pic ok

thanks for encouragement guys I am so hooked to this board shaping buzz it not funny (just ask my wife!)

cheers antony

can get more than one photo at a time for some reason

hey guy any thoughts on the fin placement, I thinking that I will follow what greenlight had on there quad set up but i am still not sure on the cant for the front and back fins in the quad set up

cheers antony

I’ve tried 6* & 4* front to back, then 8* & 6*, and prefer the latter - gives a bit more drive on the rail.

I go for back fins closer to the rails because I like skatey boards. 

The other option is the McKee set up which has back fins closer to the centre.

And there are some other options too…





I have a 6’4 battail quad and I used the McKee placement specs and love it. Probox gives you some adjustability, too… both fore/aft, and cant. I highly recommend them.

hey the McKee placement specs look real helpful i will mark some stuff out on the board tonight

cheers antony

so thanks for the imput guys I finished the board today the guy picking up tonight. I went with 6 1/2 up on the back and 11 1/4 on the fronts with 4 degs on back and 6 on front.

backs were had 3/16 toe and front 1/4 toe. hope it all works good I am hoping for some good feed back from the dude as this is the 1st board i have shaped that i have not got to surf.

anyway heres a few pics

cheers antony


sorry the camera is real crap low mega pics anyway heres one more the board look way nice in real life.

i'd suggest decent sized fins, there's alot of tail area with no fin in the tail there, you'll get a bit of slipping.....looks nice though......good work

Looks great Antony,

what is the construction? HWS or compsand?

What is your wood selection and deck skin thickness?

Love how you matched the grains.


Have a Great Day!


board looks fantastic TS!!! how far off the rail did you put your rear dots?

also, sorry if i missed it, but, what's the bottom contour like?

h cheers guys. I set the fins 1 1/4 at the back dots of the rail. Its odd because the photo i posted looks like its more but it is 1 1/4 to the dot, then i measure 4 up and set the toe at 4 up from the bottom dot.

  the board is HWS and the skins are 3/16. the lumber is from a redwood tree grow at a local school that was milled and air dried a few years ago.

the board was glassed heavy at the new owner request as hes a bigger guy.

 6+4 on top, 6 bottom and 4 under deck. its a tank! So its a bit heaver than i would have liked its just a little over 14 pounds . It is a very wide and thick boards so i guess thats not to bad.

the bottom rocker curve is the same as this boards sister board in the pic below.

cheers antony