In need of a logo

I’ve just been getting by with my very limited skills in creating a semi professional logo.

I’m looking for someone who I could collaborate with to make a logo set.



What kind of feel are you going for, do you have a website where i can check out the style of boards you make.

I like mucking around with graphics



These are just a couple I did to get me by. I just want to get something a bit more clean look. I’d love to have some versitility with logos on boards. It doesn’t feel right putting the same looking logo on every type of design. A retro shape, in my opinion, is a bit more fun if the logo has a retro feel itself. If that makes any sense

make boards on an individual basis, customs. A lot of retro fish
boards, wood keels and such. But I’ve done a little bit of everything.
It all depends on what the person is after.

Thats all i’ve been using.

Thanks for your time.


Bro…I don’t think you need any help! :wink:

Looks like you got your artwork nailed down tight.

Call me if you want to do a little brainstorming.

I might have a couple ideas for you to play off of.

If you need a source for free fonts check out
They have a sh1t ton of killer typefaces PC/MAC all free. After you select a category (retro, Eroded, Modern) you can input your text for a custom preview. If you need help with graphics or want to bounce anything off me, hit me up. I have a lot of experience with graphics.
Take it easy