in search of a mentor

i am looking for a mentor so guide me to master my craft. weather it is mentor in person or just emails. i would gladly take any advise or guidance you have to offer. i have been fixing surfboards since i was 16. i was helping a friend fix some boards and sort of fell in love with the craft. i have been repairing and restoring boards for the past 6 years and in my opinion i am way better at ding repair then all of the local surf shops. i can fix almost anything on a surfboard now and im not only looking to improve my ding repair skills but im also very interested in learning as much as i can about shaping. i would be more then willing in intern at your shop in exchange for any knowledge you can pass down. i live in pensacola fl. willing to travle. feel free to email me with any thing you got.

skills: resin mixing, sanding, glassing, little bit of fin box installation, color matching, airbrush and much more.