In search of Greenough's "Echo's footage!!!

Anyone know where to get the George Greenough Echo’s footage with the Pink Floyd soundtrack? Does the Movie "Cristal Voyage have the entire footage in it or just parts,or is it an entirely different video.I remember watching this as a kid and being so amazed.I also remember watching a guy surfing in Australia getting these little tubes with dolfins swimming in the face along with him.Anyone seem this footage as well ,or know what it was?

I’ve got Innemost Limits w/Coming of the Dawn …and Crystal Voyager w/Echoes…Send me an

Crystal Voyager can be found on NTSC VHS…I ordered mine from Australia or the UK (make sure you specify NTSC), but it may be able to be found here. It is out on DVD, but unfortunately only in PAL format. And yes, Echos is in there.

Look for George`s upcoming film, Dolphin Glide. Less than a week ago he said it will be composed of three “chapters”… one of which is a re-mastered Echoes. Eventually available on DVD, and as a large format book. (George at home in NSW w/surf mats – photo by Warren Pfeiffer)

Down coat and barefoot…???..

I got my Crystal Voyager copy (NTSC VHS) through Three S films based in Cornwall,England and had it shipped to the states! Talk about tracking it down!! And yes, Echoes is on the tail end of it.I know they have a website but can’t remember it off hand.

Yes, Echoes is in Crystal Voyager. I bought it on DVD from Won’t play on the tv, but plays fine on the computadora. I just heard a rumor (truth?) that the last epic tube section of Echoes was filmed whilst on a mat!!!

“I just heard a rumor (truth?) that the last epic tube section of Echoes was filmed whilst on a mat!!!” Yes. Here you go, Harvey… "George called the other night, and during the course of our conversation, he told me a story about his famous film “Echoes”, specifically that last big tube ride. Naturally, I asked how large it was… 12 feet? He said, “A lot bigger than that!” Time frame: over 30 years ago. Its hard to believe, but during the hours that he filmed the final Echoes footage, George was the only person surfing Lennox Heads, and as far as he knows, there were no witnesses. He was alone. The outside waves were large enough and moving so fast, heaving so quickly, that his sophisticated flex spoon kneeboards werent capable of dropping in early enough to survive… too sketchy, especially with an additional 20+ pounds of camera gear sitting on his shoulder. What to do? Just riding a complete wave that day was very difficult and dangerous. Finally he tried another of his vehicles instead of the kneeboard, and soon found that he was able to drop in a bit farther outside, having gained an extra 3-4 seconds of distance as a means of stabilizing the arc of his trim… then activating the camera as the wave began unfolding, entering the hollow inside section. George described it as a surreal experience, the lip hitting the trough about 8 feet to his left… appearing to spiral in slow motion. As can be seen, it was a heavy, dredging ride, and really, really deep. He rode that wave for a long time. Best of all, he successfully documented the entire, timeless experience. Comparing that tube to Pipeline, he said “While Pipeline is very hollow and intense, its a much shorter ride than a long point break like Lennox." On the waves he didnt finish, the impact from the lip was so powerful that he and his equipment were exploded right through the back of the wave! He was concerned that if he were carried too far shoreward, he`d never be able to get back out again. Then he caught that last wave, and as he rapidly skimmed down the face, everything came together. If you watch that Echoes footage, consider this… George regards that tube ride as a benchmark of sorts. He caught it, dropped-in, and rode the entire wave while filming much of it from the inside out… on a cheap $20.00, four pontoon, finless, rubber and canvas air mat.”

Has anyone bought the DVD of Crystal Voyager from It says its region 0, but its PAL, released on March 24, 2003. This region 0 should work fine here in the U.S., no? Also whats up with Dolphin Glide? Gettin’ close I hope?

Oh yeah I saw your post Harvey, just wondering if it was the region 0 you picked up? I’ve heard mixed things I guess, I believe region 0 is anywhere, 1 is u.s, and 2 is europe. Just wondering why it only worked on the comp and not the standard player.

It’s not Region 0. Amazon misadvertised it.

Hey Paul Ive seen George were shoes two times in 30yrs,one at a wedding ,and on the airplane when he boards the plane then they come right off.Jacket deal is still on for you.Large tall?

Yeah…Lg Tall… Let me know how much, ok… Paul

if anyone hears anything about Dolphin Glide, give us a heads up…any US based websites with george’s vids…

PAL may work on the commputer, but it won’t work on US TV set, as the TV standard for the US is NTSC (different frame rate). Can anyone else confirm a PAL DVD will play on a computer drive here in the states?

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