In the market for a good sander; budget:$100+/-

Alright , Im looking for a nice sander that I can get around $100 or so, I want it to last and not fall apart.


As far as purpose I want it to be used for helping sand down skateboards, HWS’s, and surfboards as well as other small projects I may encounter.


I dont know what would be best in terms of type? I have heard of orbital, belt, table, and disc sanders but I dont know which one would be the BEST for my application…


Thanks for any help/advice and input… and yes I have already used the search function on the forums and havent found a specific thread that answers my question

I got a decent one from harbor freight with warranty for life and it was 50 bucks.  It may not be a milwaukee but it gets the job done.

what type of sander are you talking? orbital??? just trying to figure the type out first before I determine location of purchase (I love harbor freight sine you all suggested it here on the forum… its my new favorite store lol)

Oh yah, my sander is a disc sander and it fits the flex pads that are made for surfing.  I wouldn’t get an orbital.

whats the difference between orbital and disc? its all the same to me at this point…trying to learn about this stuff :slight_smile: thank you for your time!

An orbital is a small 4-6" sander typically used for small flat surfaces, typically used for wood working.   A disc is a variable speed sander that has an exchangeable disc, you can change pads and attachments.

hows this one?

									Makita 5 in. Disc Sander

							<p id="superPIP__modelNo" style="display: inline;">Model # <span>GV5010</span>

								<p id="superPIP__internetNo" style="display: inline;">Internet # <span> 202312074</span>
                    		<p id="superPIP__sku" style="display: inline;">Store SKU # <span> 632503</span>;jspStoreDir=hdus&amp;catalogId=10053&amp;navFlow=3&amp;keyword=Makita+GV5010+5-Inch+Disc&amp;Ntpc=1&amp;langId=-1&amp;Nu=P_PARENT_ID&amp;storeId=10051&amp;Ntpr=1&amp;ddkey=Search

That will work.   Just make sure you can remove the disc and add attachments.  Get a flex pad for shaping surfboards.  Also check to make sure the max rpm is not to high.

awesome thank you so muh for your input! much appreciated!!


that is not what you want. it is single speed (really fast) and it does not have the right connection type for the sanding pads you are going to want to use. this is the one you want:

variable speed with the 5/8" 11 spindle. it cost twice as much but you could get a used one or a knock off for $100 or less.


I second grasshopper’s recommendation of the Makita 9227. I’ve only just got mine so haven’t yet used it on a board, but I’ve fired it up to play with and can say the build quality and speed control is excellent. You guys in the US are lucky, on eBay you can pick it up new for around $170. I paid over $300 for mine (made in Japan, shipped to Oz from a UK store, as buying it locally in Oz is over $400!)

My power tool philosophy (perhaps justification is a better word) is to buy the best I can afford, as cheap-and-nasty tools operating at high RPMs is not a good mix - they can be downright scary! Even if it’s “safe enough”, a cheap-and-nasty power tool makes it harder to get a high-quality end result.

Thanksgiving sale on the harbor freight, variable speed sander, $29.99. I just picked up mine this week. Buy 3 for the $100 and they’ll last longer than you need them to. Don’t get confused with a grinder, they are too fast but usually cheaper and more plentiful.

You will not be able to use threaded pads or disks such as flex pad or soft pad with the five inch Makita.  Its design was primarily intended for grind with hard resin type disks.

Milwaukee and Makita will bust your $100 budget.  As a beginner Harbor Freight will be fine for you.  You can buy a variable speed disk sander for surfboard and an Orbital for wood and other projects.  Buy the warranty and you've got two differnt type sanders with a warranty within you budget.  Alot of guys use them and have had good results.

     Howzit pauir,You are going to love your Makita 9227. I had 2 of them and still have my first one that I got almost 15 years ago and I have only replaced the cord and the brushes 1 time. I lost my other one but I don't ust it that much anymore due to my health situation. It is only a little over 7 lbs in weight so it is easy on your arms and just blow it out when you are through using it and make sure it isn't running when you blow it out.Blow out the trigger also.Yake care of it and it will last for a long time. Aloha,Kokua

Okay I found one on amazon, it comes with a “polishing kit” for $180… not bad at all as far as price for something to last a lifetime…


can you link some of the sanding supplies i would need to this sander? I dont see any advertised (may just be me…)… what types of sanding pads/accessories do you use for this sander? (any pics /suggestions appreciate!)



Which one?  Make and model?  FoamEZ , Greenlight, Fiberglass Hawaii etc all sell pads and accsssories.

hey guys  

i too am looking to buy a sander for less than €50, 

would like to get the one on harbour freight but not sure how much the shipping would cost me as i live in ireland.

does anyone know of anywhere where i could get one preferably from a website/company based in ireland/uk or even mainland europe for a reasonable price??