If you aren’t using these; you should be. The screen is the Japanese Polynet.


I’ve been using those for a while now and I’ve been super happy with their Tape and their Sanding paper as well.
Cheaper than 3M and the quality is great…

which tape by them is good for cutlaps/hotcoats etc ?

They only make one tape that I know of… That’s it in the pic. They make it in three widths. Outstanding for hotcoats. In my opinion it is at least as good as 3M’s 233. But I personally think it is better. PS. I stand corrected. The yellow is all I’v seen up to now. Really like it. Shur tape and 3M make so many Tataar back and Blue tapes. Very competitive. Bu a tape that doesn’t leave residue for half the price of 233 is a find. Lowel

They carry Blue, Yellow and White tape.
I only use Yellow or White based on what color I am laminating and which will let the most of the tape seen through after lam to cut my laps.

The white comes a little cheaper than the yellow.
The blue is for other uses than cutlap, much more expensive tape.

ShaperSupply carry them.

There you go:

Thanks Lowel for the review on the screen and tape, these are essential items. Now if we could only find that Dragon Skin…

It’s a good product, and the price is hard to beat from these guys:

I like all of the Surf related Supply Shops in Calif. and the East Coast. I try to buy a little something from all of them from time to time. I have a Special relationship with Rev-Chem because they are here in Oregon. I resale Blanks-Resin-Cloth up here on the North Coast. I’m of course always looking for the best product at the best price. I Shape and glass so I have personal experience with most of the products I sell. Shipping is the killer up here. I have tried to make regular trips to Calif and drop materials both directions as I come and go as far South as Humbolt. Some guys appreciate what I do. Others think I should be running around all over So. Cal. Picking up mundane little bull shit stuff and reselling it to them for wholesale Calif. prices. I deal direct with several manufacturers. I have and am eliminating some of the Boutique type products like Resin Research and Super Sap because they are difficult companies to deal with and there’s no money in it. Better to carry one brand of tape, resin, etc. and not waste Money and gas pulling teeth. Buy your materials from somebody who treat you right and show them a little respect and appreciation. Lowel