Regardless of your politics take time this holiday to give thought about how so many have sacrificed to gift to us what we have here in the USA. Celebrate life! Enjoy the ride.

Well said, Richard. We should give it some thought on other days, too. Happy Indepedence Day. Toss some tea in the nearest body of water. Drive careful, too. Mike

All it takes for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing! I sincerely hope that EVERYONE out there is experiencing some sembleance of Freedom on this day no matter where you are. McDing

Celebrate the UK getting rid of that useless colony. Apart from those huge fridges with the water/ ice things in the front what has the US done for the world (don’t answer that).

oh boy nationalism…good luck …lets just surf and be friends.and a good boxing day to ya,…ambrose…a descendant of countles generations of military participants questing true peace w/out conflict or oppression…bless the quest


How’s the surf in your country? (don’t answer that). After a hard day of being angry you should try ice in your margs, chilled is good.