Indian Ink on Foam

Is it possible to use Indian ink for the pin lines brushed directly on the foam with out any problems? Does it smudge? I am debating if I should use the ink directly on the foam or lam the board and then add the pin lines using a zig. Thanks for the help.

 Howzit RISurfer, I use india ink for pinlines on the sanded hotcoat before glossing. I punch a hole in the bottom of a used up Zig and refill with india ink which makes it a felt tipped (6mm) rapidiograph. Tape off the pimlines and apply, works great. Aloha,Kokua

Kokua’s right. That’s for gloss pins. India ink is to thin to use on foam and doesn’t come out crisp. Actually I’ve used pinline tape on foam and gotten great results. The 3M stuff they sell that doesn’t have the paper backing is best. Air the blank off good. Also I don’t know if that works with polyester… maybe not. Does work with epoxy though.