Info/Dating on my Velzy

So I got this board from my cousin as a gift. First of its awesome, I love surfing it. The coolest thing about it, as my friend pointed out, is that it is silent when it moves through the water on a wave. Doesn’t make a sound. It’s got a crazy pig out line that is the most extreme I’ve ever seen. Dims are roughly 9’6’’ x 23 1/2’’ x 3 1/4’’

Now my cousin said he bought it in the 1990s I think from a shop. I can’t remember if he said it was used or not when he got it. I’ve tried to do some research on it’s age but I couldn’t really find anything to date it. So any info and incite you guys could provide awesome! Was this board shaped by Velzy or did he have some one else shaping for him at different times? Thanks!

90s sounds about right.

Enjoy the ride!

Same year as van


It does look extreme! Would love to see more photos.

50/50 chance Dale shaped it. Who knows, without any telltale marks that indicate the shaper?

It’s obviously a 90s update of a Velzy pig. Nothing special, just a nice looking board that’s about 20 years old.