Info on this morning of the earth board.

Section of Morning Of The Earth posted up on someones Facebook, I was intrigued by the diferent boards guys were riding. At 4:00 there’s a guy riding what looks like a very narrow and heavily rockered board, its definitely different to the other boards in there.

Any info on the rider and the board?

Looks like North Narrabeen, maybe Midget will know?

Look like Andrew McKinnon surfing Whale Beach Wedge.

Hi Marsh

I started a thread concerning who were the surfers in this section a few years back. We found that the location was Whale Beach and this surfer was as Tombstone said above . I was trying to find identity of surfer 5 going right . Tombstone suggested Peter Drouyn -he’s probably right- but had no more clarification. 

Still a great film 



Andrew McKinnon, right’o. His board looks different to everyone elses hey?

maybe its on this website somewhere?