Hey guys,

Recently came across this board lying on the side of the road for garbage collection. Thought it may be usefull to try and repair or strip down and turn into something else.

It’s an old windsurfing board, I know very little about windsurfing so I don’t know any real details about it. I’m trying to ID it and get a bit more info about it, what its made of etc. The board itself is about 12ft, and has total snap about 2 ft from the tail. I think from memory its about 25-30inch wide… and 6 inch thick.

Would it be possible / reasonable to make something out of this board? I’m thinking of stripping the plastic material down, because there is a lot of foam to use and then reglass the board? And also, what is the material the foam is coated with? Is it Acrylic? What kind of foam was used in this board?

The only real details i have on this board, are from the logo on the tail

So what im thinking at the moment, is strip, fill in the holes in the middle of the board with some spare foam from the tail, and shape it into about a 8-9ft oil tanker mal… Is this absurd or possible? Any suggestions are hankered for! Is this board worth it or is it dump material…



I too pick up stuff on trash day but, if it was me I would wait until the weee ours of the morning and put that thing back where you found it and hope nobody saw me touch it.J/K

oops …sorry ‘Lavz’ ! …that just kinda ‘slipped out’ .

What I MEANT to say is [sorry mate , but] I think Art is right .

I did exactly the same a few years back [heck , come to think of it …that WAS a city beach council collection , and a windsurfer !! [might be the same board !]

too much work for my taste[strike] …buying a blank actually ends up a better , quicker , more satisfactory option . [because , by the time the 6 or 8" of rotten foam is stripped to 2 3/4 -3 " , well , the board is weak , for starters .

Of course , if you REALLY want to do it , just for the experience , and you have the time on your hands after uni finishes [plus ? a place to do it ?] …if you REALLY want to do it , I’ll give yoiu a hand if you like .

…A router to remove the outer shell would be a really good start , I reckon .

…Can you store the windsurfer somewhere dry for the next few months , in the meantime , to delay further deterioration of the foam ?

cheers Ant !


p.s. - when does your uni officially finish for the year ? [/strike]


[strike]damn… the lines through the posts have returned again …what gives ??[/strike]

Yer thats a point i didn’t think about, the inner foam would be very old and weak i guess…

I guess i’d rather spend the time starting with a fresh blank…

Uni is out like mid november i think, and then goes back only in march… so its a summer of surf, shaping and work of course, to support my “habits”.

Have to do a roadtrip down south, and to ningaloo also.

Now i have to lug the bloody thing to the dump! daaammmitt



…surf tomorrow ??


chipfish the picture couldn’t be a mistake when this " brown foam " is the subject! Man I wish I could find this in the trash !!!

i didn’t know sili-cones came in brown ? …

if you pay yourself 1.oo per hour

in advance

for all the sterling love and

attention span

it will take

to resurect

these raw materialz found…

by the ignoble roadside

you will have enough $ to buy the styro,poly urethane ,balsa wood ,cork,Paluweena

or whatever your heart desires,

be it high minded or arbitrary

and money left over for the surface reinforcement

of your choice.

the ship hole quality of construction and materials

of this sail board era,or should we say epoch,of “surfing”

craft is as deploreable as it gets.

the one shot entry level providence

of these abominations was a benchmark in

planned obsolesence dasign…

do not inflict pain upon yourself

by even thinking

of using this sample material

for anything more than decorative

yard accents.


glue a concrete GNOME hanging ten on it

use it for a chicken wire form to make a concrete board yard sculpture

side note:

yard accents are the next big craze

they will be

bigger than the surfing industrialization movement


the obscure roman

ombudsman for told many things

If he were alive today and not out surfin

he would agree with me…


glue a concrete GNOME hanging ten on it

use it for a chicken wire form to make a concrete board yard sculpture **

…there you have it Ant !!

more classic comments and good advice from the original leprecorny man himself !


** = " the abomination that causes desolation " , perhaps ??


Its foam my friend.

give it the new life you saw when you picked it up.

cant wait to see the brilliance!

Brilliance will be hard to come by for me i think! :smiley:

But you have inspired some confidence… if there is time i guess i’ll have a crack at it.


Brown is the same as the two part foam you can buy at TapPlastics in USA…

It will stick and make it strong and whole again, ready to be reshaped into another POS.

Notice the ridiculously flat nose rocker…good for pearling.

When you say “it will stick and make it strong and whole again, ready to be reshaped…”

Do you mean getting a shapable amount of foam out of the board, then covering it with some stronger stuff to seal bind the whole foam shape to give strength… from there bit more shaping and then reglass the whole thing?

Does that make sense?

Yeah the nose rocker is very very shallow…

Maybe enough foam can be salvaged and a beginner board made out of it for my nephew.

Summer project, unfortunately gotta wait till then.




When you say “it will stick and make it strong and whole again, ready to be reshaped…”

 actually , the next few words in that quote were true , in my case , when I did / tried a similar thing years ago .....     If you have the money for a blank by the end of the semester , I really think that will be the better option , Ant .....   [and this is coming from a guy who has stripped and reshaped and resprayed and reglassed 14 boards , by the way !] Much as it IS a rewarding / satisfying feeling to have "resurrected " an old board into something surfable [hopefully!] , I also think sometimes the counting the cost / weighing up how many hours [as amby rightly pointed out] is wisdom too ..... I will still look at it , if you keep it ...I'd like to see it first hand . [Those holes in the deck COULD be a worry ].      Would your folks object if we chainsawed the outer casing off it , in your back garden ?    ...maybe we could video it for the good folks here !      ben

Mate, anything involving a chainsaw and I AM DOWN FOR THE FUNKY SH!T! hahaha for sure we can hack that baby with a chain saw, but isn’t that a bit excessive?

But yer, some good ideas coming through, much appreciated.