Inkjet Printing Surfboards

Anyone know what sort of machine it takes? Inkjet printing stringerless EPS that is.

You want a system with a pigmented ink system. I have used the HP Z2100 and Z3100 to print full board graphics on rice paper, silk, and glass. I have seen people print on plastic media, but the resultant boards ride really badly. Printing on glass has given me the best results because it is next to impossible to keep a big sheet of paper flat. The B8850 would work great for logos or smaller graphics. Epson and Canon both have offerings that would work, but I have no first hand experience with them.

The inks behave fine in RR epoxy, though I have seen some issues when using poly: the resin kicks slow and provides a lot of time for the colorants to bleed. UV resin for the lam solves the problem, and I suspect, but haven’t proven that extra catalyst would do the trick. I have no idea how much extra would be necessary as I think that something in the ink poisons the reaction.