inlay help

I inlaid some fabric racing stripes this morning (look good) cut and puled tape and everything was great. come back a few hours later and there are places on the edges that have pulled up and kinda buckled (little spots) and they’re hard so I can’t resin them down. anything I can do to (besides cutting it out) to keep this from creating bubbles when I glass or high spots that I’ll sand through?? Thanks

JR- I think I would try the “basting” routine here. Take some lam resin and brush it on along the areas that are raised or slightly wrinkled. Without this resin buildup you probably would have some air pockets and possible sand throughs. This should fix you up for the next lamination layer(s). Good luck. Tom S.

yeah Tom, that’s what I was thinking. I got to get resin under the gaps so it wont delam later but I think with the build up of resin I’ll create lumps that’ll lend to sand throughs. some of them have buckled an inch in from the edge (2" band). I was thinking of cutting them in the middle and then trying to resin them down but its real noticible. I just looked at my thermometer in the shed, 90* at 9:30pm so it musta been well over 100* during the heat of the day. reckon that might have had something to do with it.