Inlayz Distributor required USA

Inlayz is a patented customisable graphic that doubles impact resistance to laminates. It is UV protective to the foam and can provide stronger laminates that weigh less than conventional.


Manufactured in Australia and shipped globally, Inlayz seek distributors in the USA. West Coast and East Coast.


All interested Parties please contact


Licensing of the Manufacturing of Inlayz also available in USA. 


Steve Holman


PO Box 627

Coolangatta QLD 4225


+61 7 5536 1177



We are a distrbutor on the East Coast for King Mac and Marko foam. We have just started out with Manufacturing distribution. Check out our Website at  We are an Exclusive distributor for Palmers Wax on the East Coast and are bringing containers in from Australia. Let me know if your inetrested.


Deeley Chester