innovation or? (new fins) *PIC*

you guys gotta check out this… ive only seen as much as you see on the website?

Jet Fighters and surfboards eh? It certainly looks very different to anything I’ve seen, and pretty extreme in design terms for its use. I’m no expert on fins, and it’s difficult to see exactly what’s going on there, but wouldn’t there be alot of drag on the board whilst paddling? There would certainly be more surface area on the Shredda fin system,dragging through the water than say that of a FCS or even a single fin. But,again I’m just thinking out loud. Wouldn’t the water be funneled out of the back to create a kinda of jet stream at speed ?? Is it almost a different angle on bottom channels?? Have a great weekend Peaman

love the 80’s style logo

one wonders on the pivitol characteristics too… are things like this bound to fail because of narrowminded commercially driven standards we have in place in our competitive system

Definatly looks Interesting. I would at least like to try it out see what the Feel of it would be. Has anyone here ever rode one of these?

Finally someone is getting off the "its got to look like a dorsal fish fin thin"Thirty years of the same thing is enough.