Flashback …

Sometime before the decline of my health, the state of World politics, public safety etc. etc.

The next generation of stepdecks was released.  I only sold one, regrettably :frowning:

Gentlemen, I present, the patent pending, 11’3" Edmund Fitzgerald 30 year commemorative, carbon fiber reinforced epoxy Endless Winter “Staircase Deck”.

Go ahead, put your toes on the nose … ain’t gonna snap this one in half.

At least he ordered it with the limited edition Gordon Lightfoot signature fin :confused:

Did that boatboard sink when the waves got big ?

for surfing the Great Lakes I imagine

I actually had plans for a round of testing at Waimea to ensure the durability, but nobody seemed stoked about my design nor my Wisconsin accent.  Oh well.  Sold it to one of Great Lakes’ most talented and World famous shredders.  He can ride anything from a potato chip to an ocean freighter.