installing futures fins

soo im currently in the process of installing my futuresfin boxes except i have no idea to how much laminating resin and catalyst i should put in!! i know it would be a minimal amount but how much per finbox do you reckon? also, does the temperature really matter as i am doing this in my garage… 

observe about 4:22

use 1.5 oz. per pair of boxes, make sure to wipe off excess resin off the box so your cloth will lay flat on box when you lam it. then i go back after it had tried and fill in any areas that did not get enough resin, like at the back of the box were the F or X is at and at the front slots. if you leave these areas alone and dont refill  they may create a air pocket  under your glass when you lam coat. this problem has happened to me as i vac bag all my stuff.