installing leash plugs

I have just recently started to shape boards and im am pretty much done with my first one. Now i just need to install the leash plug into the board. Any tips on doing this would be greatly appreciated.

Use hotcoat resin to fill, mix with cabosil and some use white resin pigment. Use a hole saw to drill (without the middle bit of course) and mark with tape or wodden jig for appropriate depth. Fill only 1/2 to 3/4 full (resin pours out, and don’t get any in the leash plug! Canuk

Hey Above works fine. I use Lam because I have more of it. Also, don’t forget to sand the outside of the plug, to get better adherance. 60 grit is OK.

sanding the leash plug is fine but you have to wash it with acetone. Same goes for any plastic boxes you plan on installing

I don’t get the advice on using acetone. For starters, it is a toxic chemical, and it is not like I need another OSHA hazard. As a second consideration, resins do not chemically adhere to plastics. They cast around them. A rough surface is far more important than freeing the surface of oils from your hands, which mostly will not matter anyway. Here is a test - pour a little lam resin on a flat surface, and lay a leash plug on its side against the resin. When it dries, pull the plug out. Then, repeat the experiment after acetone pre-treatment, and see how helpful the acetone is. Then, rough sand the plug, and repeat. But only do the last experiment if you are throwing away the leash plug, because it will not easily come loose. Keep 50 grit handy, sand anything rough before casting.

I wouldn’t use sanding resin, can’t say I’ve seen a problem with leash plugs, but I have with the FCS plugs… play it safe and use lam. I hate using the jigs, they’re annoying. Use a small pilot bit (as in one that just barely sticks out past the hole saw) in your hole saw, and drill just enough to get through the fiberglass. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry the glass off… there’s your jig right there. Don’t forget to take the pilot off.

actually, depends on your plugs… Under the glass plugs install different, everything above is for after glass plugs, what type do you plan on using?

I agree, use lam, no acetone, sand the plug, and keep the pilot in the holesaw. Use the holesaw to just cut the fiberglass; use a Forstner bit to finish the hole nice and squaure (those bits are spendy, over $20, and only use on foam and stringer). As an option, you could hole saw to the deckplug depth (w/o pilot) and snap out the foam piece w/screwdriver… Enjoy your new board!

I’ve had better luck with using just the forsner bit at a fast speed, the hole saw seems to want to jump a bit more. The forsner bit will also clean out the hole - so no prying foam out. for fin boxes, I combine forsner bit and drimmel (with a steady hand).

Just put the plug in with lam resin, no need to sand or wipe with acetone. Ive been building aprox 800 boards a year for 15 years and have never, repeat never, seen a leash plug pull out if you dont sand it or wipe with acetone. I have yet to see a plug pull out of any board for that matter. Leash plugs just dont come out no matter what you do. Now if you install the plug too close to the tail, the string on the leash might get pulled through the board if you are in heavy surf. Just make sure its up far enought to let the rail guard do its job. BTW acetone is not bad if you were gloves and respirator, the main way acetone gets to you is through your skin. Then again if you use creams like Ben-gay or flex-all they all contain small amounts of acetone so the heating stuff will get down into your skin, so its not that bad a chemical.

I thought a swipe with acetone after sanding wipes all the dust and crap away alowing for better bonding. Also, I’d say stuffing yourself in a box while a quart of polyester resin is “going off” isn’t too healthy either. This is not a healthy occupation, unless you take certain precautions.

MKIA is rigth. it´s the better way. in other hand, acetone damage some leash plugs…

…Acetone works great alone,if you know what and how.I use O’fishl plugs,exclusively. …I have to agree with a few of the posts,1)acetone is toxic,and so is everything else that you use in building a board.2)Sanding the plug will work by it self.3)Use lam not sanding resin.4)don’t worry if you forgot to prep the plug/box,I’ve done this at least a thousand times,and never have a bond/delam issue.5)Forschner bits work killer.6)use exo-filler(diaper absorbent) instead of other thickeners/fillers,works better and is at least 3x as strong than any other mix/filler resin.7)Use a respirator.Herb

thank you a lot guys, really helped me out. The leash plug is set good in my new board. Thanks again.

…don’t forget the rubber gloves too!Herb