Installing three-tab keels

I’m making a wakesurf board for my brother and I’m planning on giving it lots of fin options by using three-tab plug setups as if it were meant to accept a keel… this gives him the option to move each fin forward or back one space (or use keels if he wants I guess) - My question is: Has anyone tried using a Fusion plug with a single x2 in front or behind it? I’m curious if there’s enough clearance or if you just need to use three x2 plugs. 

Which leads me to my side-tangent… someone should make a three-tab box for fcs keels/more options

Cut a fusion in half. Grind it out round.

now you have two extra single plugs.

i usually use this for twinzer fronts.

way stronger than those x2 plugs and easier to install

I like that idea - do you just set them next to each other or do you bond them together prior to installation?

I’m not too sure what you mean by bonding them together.

i would just have one normal fusion box followed by a half fusion I cut out. That gives you three tabs.

honestly though, the fusions are pretty tough boxes. You could easily get away with two tab keels. As long as you make the tabs in leading edge of the fins. This will allow the fin to flex naturally from front like a real fish fin, be stronger, and not catch kelp. 

i usually make my fins with epoxy and a layer or two of carbon and 6 oz cloth. With the tabs in front, you won’t need three tabs. 

The fusion box itself is really strong due to the high density foam. If you want to make it even stronger I usually will add some 2 mm cork under the fusion box between the foam instead of adding more glass above it.

a box is only as strong as the foam around it. 

Well, this isn’t actually going to be used for keels - I’m just looking for the best method so I can use it on a wakesurf board that’s gonna get a quad setup with each fin having the ability to move one space forward or back like this


On a side note - it may be a bunch of extra material, but I can’t help but wonder why nobody does this on surfboards… seems like it could be beneficial to have the option to have that kind of freedom on a board

what you’ll likely find is that moving the fin that far has extreme results…pretty rare board on which an adjustment of that distance will help…

I’m with Keith - that is a giant leap. 

So why is it common in wakesurf boards then? Sure it’s a big change, but is that necessarily a bad thing? It’s like switching to a whole new board with one board - keep the quad tight for a twinny feel, or set it wide for lots of drive…

I’m only curious becuase, like I said, I see it a lot on wakesurf boards - maybe something about the way the wave works differently from an ocean wave makes it beneficial for wakesurf but not ocean surf?

I don’t wakesurf but I’d guess its because they seem to use smaller fins, and moving them around farther (up) would cause the board to spin more (or less) easily… not always a desired result on a regular surfboard. 

That’s true, their fins are typically gx to g-am size I think


I’m thinking I’ll end up just doing the plugs since I actually worked some prety interesting contours into the board - I need as much flexibility with the shape as I can get.