interesting article.... CompositesWorld

been reading about the new dreamliner… pretty cool article. (unless you plan on using carbon fiber in the next 10 years. haha)

but seriously, when is the Pu/Pe 787 coming out?? i want my next planeride to be a little more “Lively”.

…this one is more on topic here.

any of y’all subscribe to CompositesWorld? im thinkin about signin up.

aircraft has done a full circle really

the original planes were built from composites of wood and cloth

cool thanks . . . .

the fun is engineering to get the best out of your tool / weapon* / vehicle with the materials at hand … . but now you have double the fun, you can engineer the material for your use and then get the best out of making the tool / weapon / vehicle

*not just to kill things but to combat against whatever. like stress or an escape or . . . ah

in contrast to Airbus (boeings main competitor)…

"Composites on the Boeing 787 will account for 50 percent of the aircraft’s structural weight. Aluminum, by contrast, will comprise only 12 percent of the aircraft. In fact, titanium will make up a greater percentage than aluminum, at 15 percent. Steel will comprise another 10 percent and other metals, the remaining 5 percent. By contrast, the Boeing 777 is 12 percent composites and 50 percent aluminum, and composites make up about 25 percent of the total airframe on the Airbus A380. "

the boeing 787 will weigh about 40,000 pounds lighter then the Airbus A330-200.

“Al Miller, director of advanced technology for the 787 program, reports that Boeing also intends to use resin film infusion (RFI) technologies in multiple areas on the airplane. Currently, application of RFI is planned for the movable trailing and leading edges on the wing and for fuselage frames”

"Although material suppliers were not disclosed by Boeing, IAI recently completed floor structures for the G-150 business jet (see related news item, p. 36), using sandwich structures with carbon/epoxy skins and aramid honeycomb core from M.C. Gill (El Monte, Calif.). "

Oh my, next thing you know… Boeing is gonna be wrapping those things in balsa… looks like Bert beat Boeing to the buzzer. shoulda gone aerospace…

cool to see what the future holds… now throw out the damn PU/PE