Interesting Hydrofoil Tow-In Tech

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Video takes a few seconds to load on my iPad.

My mate has just built one of these using an old Bodyboard with an electric foil motor mounted underneath. Haven’t seen it in action yet but it’s a cool concept.

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OK that was not what I expected! I follow another account on IG that features a motorized foil that looks super interesting, aside from the fact that I am kinda philosophically opposed to any kind of motorized surfcraft. The thing that appeals to me about these is the potential for having fun in un-surfed spots. Seems like a lot of places that get swells but not really rideable-shaped waves can be opened up to riding the swells. For a guy that will often sit in crowded point break surf for a couple hours just to get 2 or 3 decent waves, this appeals to me. I don’t get to the beach every day, and if I go out for a couple hours, its not to sit in the lineup with a crowd, its to get some riding time.

I seriously doubt anybody could paddle-in surf the unbroken waves he’s catching/riding. The take-off velocity is significantly higher and hydrofoil drag significantly lower. If you watch the video at the “ZeroTow website” link I posted, not a soul at the site where he is riding/surfing.
I see lots of towing possibilities. Increase horsepower and safety, a world of new horizons open ups.

I agree, and hence, that is why these caught my attention. The IG account I referenced is MisterBennets, and he rides a motorized foil as opposed to a foil towed by a motorized device. But it looks like a boatload of uncrowded fun.

Adam Bennetts (@misterbennetts) • Instagram photos and videos

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I was interested for similar reasons. I like that the towing craft is left behind while you ride without motor. Then it can be recalled.
In addition to tow-in possibilities and flat water towing, I see situations where it could be useful for energy conserving tow-out.