Interview with drewtang

give it a listen!

**Great! Feel better now, alway's at least 5 waves before OPS heads to the beer cooler on da beach! **

I liked it until he said we were all hacks who didn’t surf









Shit I thought I did a good job of not offending anyone but then I listened. I’m obviously not very good at interviews because my feelings run my mouth. I have always loved swaylocks but lately there is a different undertone other than benficial collaboration, in my opinion I don’t think sways is always used as it was originally intended. Not directed at everybody with a sways account, I’ve made some great friends here.

i thought it was an good listen…take it for what it is worth

drew has contributed A LOT to this forum 

Agreed, I got a lot out of his cork thread

I didn’t even listen to it, But if Drew said we are all a bunch of hacks who didn’t surf…he’s pretty much spot on.   Swaylocks has a lot of blow hards that don’t make boards…or madeboards a long time ago…or made 3 boards and profess to be know it alls, and don’t do much surfing either.

You really have to wallow through the crap on this site to pull a few nuggets of solid info out once in a while.  I agree the site has changed over the years, and definately not for the better. My 10 cents worth of jibberish.

Keep up the good work Drew.

 Go Drew go…  Say what you want and mean what you say; just realize there will be those who will misconstrue the meaning in hopes of making themself look better.  Tell the haters to put a cork in it.